July 29, 2011

For grief's sake...

Sometimes I wonder whether I'm happy being miserable. 

I know how that sounds, and please don't get me wrong, I already know ACC have proportioned off any potential further claim by at least 150% by that statement alone.. bless their fucking rotten socks ... 

So let me do this.... be honest...

I want my blog to get back to anything other than blowing farts up ACC's ass.... I want this blog to be about me... like it was initially intended - prior to those 40k hits back in April and a deformation case. If that means I loose all readers.. then okay... I will put that down to you've all found another escape avenue. If it doesn't work out for you, let me know... apparently, one can blog, get sued, and ... lol

Actually.. I am being facetious ... but in all honestly, it 's hard to think.. how do I crawl back to my non existent living now without letting shit lots of people down. What, you didn't think I was dreaming of those riots out of the Court, Jansen looking like a skinned pork? I did! And he knew it would end up like that... hence- dropped case.

I'm leaning back into the "knowing"........nothing, despite you're fighting, get's you anywhere....maybe it's time to start choosing one's battles as opposed to putting the same fucking ladder against the same wall and expecting something different?

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  1. When everything is all boiled down Jax, nobody really gives a damn anymore. It is a dog eat dog world full of selfish, grasping people all running around after their own arse and stuff you mate.
    I never ever got anywhere standing up for my principles when I was wronged, it was always me who came off second best and them coming out smelling of roses.
    We should join the 'me me' gang, throw our principles out the window and become greedy and grasping like the rest of the world seems to be, but I would never be able to live with myself if I did that. I think I would rather say, stuff you you bastards, you aren't going to corrupt my way of living and carry on being true to myself.
    Sometimes things happen to conspire against us and people get let us down, but nobody can say you didn't try Jax. Do whatever you feel is right for you and baby cakes.


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