September 25, 2010

WARNING: Child Rapists "peruse" this site....

Piss myself laughing.... you know the best compliment you can give a writer? Knowing her writing hits the target. I would therefore like to "hat tit [no sic]" the convicted child sex offender Bert Potter and his bunch of cronies for listing this here blog as some sort of ....twilight music..... public warning. 

Yes folks, I have joined the infamous network listed below and our heinous crime? ...Informing the public of just who claims to be "normal" in New Zealand society while waving the flag for "shagging kids." 

By the way, Potter, why not have the balls - if you have any - to use your real name when trying to "slam dunk" some of the survivors of child sex abuse speaking in a supportive public forum? Duh, it's not like your ISP address changes so you're not as clever as you's like to think you are. 

But hey, thank you for the awesome compliment of adding me to a "hit list" of some of the most finest anti-sex-with-kids advocates ever known in New Zealand.... You're hopefully a dying bred, you flea infested moss pit! If only such a compliment didn't come from the likes of you - cause then, it might actually mean something. 

From the freak's site:
The feminist network in action

The smear campaign is being supported by dozens of websites, eg: LudditeJouro,Kyle MacDonaldFrogblogSOSAACCforumACC FocusThe Swamp Report,Wellington Rape CrisisShatter our SilencecastorgirlK1W1BNETGoogle groupsScoopVoxygrownups.

Bless. Some of the finest sites listed above with some of the most bravest women and men I will ever get to meet. Take it as a compliment guys and girls - the freak is freaking out! PMSL....Oh what a hoot!

September 23, 2010

Dress for success

If you're an ACC claimant you'd better prepare yourself for a really long emotional battle and a sudden influx of tourettes. 

Yeah I know, the infamous Review Panel made 14 recommendations to the Clinical Pathway but at the end of the day until they actually implement any of them, the report is as useless as tits on a bull really. Especially when ACC, bowing and admitting to screwing up over the Pathway, then spin on their heels and axe over a thousand claims just because... well, just because. 

Laurie Edwards, ACC scapegoat/spokesman, claims the cuts are "a measure of how well we're doing in getting people back to their pre-injury lives." For Pete's sake, are we really expected to believe that? It's been proven 'beyond doubt' and even by those within ACC that the main objective to any changes are because of cost cutting so what's with the "whiter than white" press releases? Surely that halo must be a tad stifling by now.

There is no medical prescription that will numb the effects of an ACC claim and/or the procedure that follows but there is no mistaking just how ACC view those who dare apply. 

Thank goodness for the likes of SOSA (Survivors of Sexual Abuse) who have not only advocated for change but continue to maintain pressure on ACC. They do this with the help and support of some of New Zealand's most formidable activists and professional therapists on their Board. Their aim is to literally take the poisoned arrows from ACC's armoury and eliminate the need for any sexual abuse survivor to be treated like a shooting target for monetary or political sport.  

ACC's plan to axe 1150 clients

September 17, 2010

NZ Hits top 20

  1. Child maltreatment deaths
  2. Crime Rates – Crime is impacting nearly half a million kiwis each year (NZ pop. is only 4.3 million
  3. Rape victims (Only 9 per cent of all sexual offenses were reported to, or registered by the police, with a conviction rate of 13 per cent. In other words, for every 100 rape cases only one case ends in conviction.)
  4. Suicide rates
  5. Pedophilia
  6. Teenage pregnancy
  7. Cannabis and methamphetamine use
  8. Property crime victims
  9. Assault victims
  10. Motor Vehicle Deaths
  11. Single parent families
  12. Imprisonment in the Western World
  13. Crime victims
  14. Asthma prevalence
  15. McDonald’s restaurants per capita
  16. Obesity in the OECD
  17. Adults prosecuted per capita
  18. School dropouts
  19. Melanoma
  20. Food poisoning cases

    Chelsea Clinton married to??????

    The link on Chelsea is dead but Huffpost says: (quote)
    “He’s great. He’s a great human being,” Bill Clinton said of his future son-in-law. Mezvinsky works at Goldman Sachs; his parents are both former members of Congress. His father pleaded guilty in 2002 to swindling dozens of investors out of $10 million after getting caught up in a Nigerian scam. Interestingly, his mother lost her seat in a conservative congressional district after one term in part because she chose to vote for President Clinton’s first budget.

    NZHerald Child abuse

    New Zealand seems to be the only news media that has separated child abuse into it's own exclusive section. It is separated from the typical "crime" because it is too distastefully true or too frequent?

    September 16, 2010

    Naïve, Maori, or both?

    Last night Te Karere (Maori News) filmed Ripeka August-Tampeau, an accredited ACC sexual abuse counselor, literally clapping her hands over the Review Panel’s recommendations put to ACC and in particular, those referring to Maori. “We recommended a separate Pathway for Maori…and we’re looking at starting that as soon as possible,” she says.

    I find it ironic because right up until these recommendations were published she was the very “sort” of counselor that ACC were refusing to pass clients onto – she simply did not ‘fit’ their criteria and until these recommendations are “actually” enforced, she still does not.  Maybe her ‘glee’ comes from the fact that she might see that trickle of clients grow a little in her private practice. But seriously, what is she on? A separate Pathway, really?

    Denise Cosgrove, ACC General Manager Claims Management, said, “So we’ve done some really good work already with the sector (I assume she means Maori) on understanding their issues and concerns with the Pathway and how we can make that facilitate that process better for our clients.”

    Let me do the honor of translating this for you: “Ha ha ha… we’re going to do exactly what we’ve done all along – nothing! You don't learn from history much do you? Man, you’re naïve. But to be fair, we won’t be terribly open about our motives so you won’t look so stupid, okay?”

    Now I am going to list exactly what the Review Panel recommended to ACC in relation to Maori. Try not to glaze over even if there are really only two recommendations:

    In it’s submission to the Review Panel in July 2010, ACC suggested “more than a ‘one size fits all’ approach to tailoring the Pathway and services for their client with specific needs.” In that grouping, they included children and Maori. Not withstanding that the legislative requirements closely associated with ACC’s management of sensitive claims are that they “will be respectful of, and responsive to, the culture, values and beliefs of Maori (Right 3).”  

    And what did the Review Panel suggest?

    Well they clearly stated the current DSM-IV assessment has “significant limitations with children, adolescents, and Maori and Pacific claimants” (p33.99) and that there were an additional “22 other formal assessment tools…other than the DSM-IV” (p34.105), and that Maori were “disproportionately represented amongst victims of sexual abuse” (p46.162).

    Well so far so good.

    The Review Panel went on to recognize the Pathway:
    §         fails to reflect Te Ao Maori
    §         fails to provide for services based on Maori tikanga
    §         focuses on an individual rather than a whanau approach
    §         fails to recognize the Maori approaches to assessment
    §         has resulted in reducing the number of skilled Maori treatment providers available to provide ACC services.

    “The Pathway has aggravated the situation for certain groups of sexual abuse survivors including Maori.” Of the Review Panel’s 14 recommendations, two were specifically directed to the treatment of Maori. They recommend that ACC ensures that all aspects of their Pathway(s) and associated claims processes are in line with the Massey Guidelines by seeing they:
    • recognise the special needs of particular groups including Maori and Pacific peoples.
    • that as a priority, ACC commence work with relevant sector experts to agree additional standardized systems for determining mental injury – including ones that would be appropriate for Maori
    According to the Review Panel’s publication, ACC responded with, we are “also likely to include further development of ancillary pathways, eg. For Maori and others and work on indentifying standardized systems for determining mental injury in addition to DSM-IV." 

    What? No specific Pathway for Maori? No agreement or commitment? How did Ripeka August-Tampeau get from: “We’ll think about it...[to]...we have darn well done it!”? 

    Look there is no disputing the woman’s obvious enthusiasm but I just think it is a little too premature and somewhat misguided. Or perhaps it is something else, something more cultural - I mean, is it a Maori cultural ‘thing’ to be seen as ever so graciously grateful even though you've been shafted?

    I mean, we’ve had a system implemented and designed specifically to ignore Maori cultural needs and now they clap their hands gleefully at the prospect, the recommendation, that maybe, one day, hopefully soon, they just might get their voices heard.

    ACC have not committed to any of the recommendations made by the Panel that deal specifically with Maori but someone didn’t tell Ripeka August-Tampeau that.
    Hooray, so ACC are going to help Maori now, she claims. How wonderful. Doesn't she know that Dr Peter Jansen, ACC’s Head of Sensitive Claims Unit and grand implementer of the Pathway, has already spent more than $650,000 to specifically “look into” how Maori are treated within the health sector and ACC, and that's above and beyond the funding for the Clinical Pathways? 
    Does she also not realize that despite that funding and research, he still sits on the damning results? (Funds were from the NZ Health Research Council but do not include the additional funding from ACC). And don’t go thinking this research was something new because this research was completed in January 2009 – way before the implementation and subsequent reviews of the Pathway.
    So what has happened to that research? Why have they not implemented any of those recommendations? What makes this report and these recommendations any different? ACC fogged off other research projects, where is the guarantee they will implement any of these recommendations let alone any specifically designed for Maori?
    And it’s not as if ACC have a very good track record with the likes of Maori.
    In 1992, Horiana Joyce and Michelle Erai were contracted to ACC to “develop a set of competency guidelines for Maori working as sexual abuse counselors.” Their focus was developed by ACC. By all accounts, they did a fantastic job but when it was presented to ACC, it was “shelved.” A few years later and under duress, ACC resurrected the research and said, ‘go for it… but go for it without any funding or resources from us.’ Unsurprisingly the project “became inaccessible.” In short, ACC set a counselling standard that ensured Maori would never qualify. 
    And what about Te Kakano o te Whanau, established in 1984 to assist Maori women with sexual abuse. By all accounts, they were doing an extremely good job as well. They had several nationwide offices and enabled those affiliated with them to access ACC organizational cover “to provide services at no cost to whanau.” Within three years they opened the first New Zealand based Maori Women’s Refuge. The same research, previously shelved from ACC when it came to funding, was later used to defend their move to push out Maori sex abuse counselors. Some of the measures were the axing of the compensation scheme in the early 90’s and the shift of focus to individuals as opposed to organisations and or whanau based assistance. 
    I’m having a slight déjà vue thing here with the similarities’ of the more recent ‘recommendations’ submitted the by Review Panel to ACC only a week ago!
    Unsurprisingly, Te Kakano o te Whanau, was “forced to move into recess” as they no longer qualified under the new ACC ‘guidelines.
    Yeah, they have been real dead helpful in the past.
    Te Karere reporter Erina Smith claims, “the positive thing is that Maori now have the power to be able to build their own Pathway to heal their own people.” If this is not naivety then I do not know what is!

    Dr Peter Jansen's Maori Health Research

    ACC Historic "Assistance" with Maori Sexual Abuse

    Te Karere News - with subtitles

    September 15, 2010

    ACC - Review Panel, reports back

    An independent review panel set up to "look into" ACC's Clinical Pathways (their internal procedure in dealing with sexually abused claimants) returned their mind-boggling verdict last week. To date, ACC conceded on only one recommendation - to reinstate "sixteen sessions of immediate therapeutic assessment and recovery support". All other recommendations are now being handed over to another group, yet to be selected by Minister Nick Smith, to see, negotiate, haggle, implement, reject... whatever the case may be. 

    It is a report that states not only the blatantly obvious but all that the industry or sector have claimed all along - the same sector/industry that were blatantly ignored in the early stages of the Clinical Pathway introduction; the same sector that walked out of an annual meeting in protest of the clinical pathways and in direct view of the man implementing the plan - Dr Peter Jansen (not like he didn't know then, right?); the same sector that saw some 600 practitioners refuse to accept any ACC clients. Whew, glad the review panel picked up on that. equally relieved they suggest ACC play nicely with the sector and perhaps "work closely with survivor's representatives, service providers, and relevant Government agencies". Bit like telling the big bad bully to play nicely with the other kids - frigging bloody obvious but needed to be said anyhow. 

    However, the Review Panel, in my view doesn't get off lightly either. I think it pussy-foots around some very disturbing issues, with the harshest criticism of ACC being that they may have acted hastily and were ill-prepared. Gee, you think? 

    I personally believe the "cost-cutting" theory was the incentive behind the implementation of this butchered Massey research. But nowhere in the report does it question the people behind the research, such as Felicity Goodyear-Smith, and/or Rankin's statement that she was only hired to cut ACC costings. It may not have been the report's objective but you can't investigate into a "sham" without looking into who initiated it, surely. Rosemary McLeod, Columnist, liken Felicity Goodyear-Smith to a ferret being assigned to look after chickens. Well, this report looks into the ideal philosophies behind "best practice" for sexually abused victims without questioning what the hell the ferret was doing there in the first place. 

    Okay, okay... this report is a step in the right direction...actually, I take that back. It doesn't push anything in the right direction. At best it has "suggested" ACC stop acting like a pack of dickheads "halting" the whole claims process, but moving forward? Well that's yet to be seen really. In my view, nothing will process or move forward until we can understand who the hell are the people trying to stop the process - the insiders peddling their own agendas and why are 'the powers that be' allowing them to do so? 

    The upshot.. or should I say, the reality of this report is yet another manilla folder sitting on Minister Nick Smith's desk telling him how to do his job properly. The only question left to ask is, will he listen, this time? 

    Maybe we'll know more about that closer to election time.

    USA verses Australia - CRIME

    Two men, both paedophiles, known to each other. One from Australia, the other from the States. This how both countries "deal" with their respective citizens:

    The twist in this sick story is both men were not only known to each other but the Australian was providing child porn for not only the American but used his own children as "actors" for the hundreds of men who paid and downloaded the images. Does that make the Australian worse than the American? Not in my book but you would think, logically, that the Australian received a harsher penalty yeah? Well, sad to say, the facts speak for themselves.


    • Arrested on 1 count of child porn
    • No Name Suppression
    • Sentenced to 21 years, 10 months
    • Arrested on 13 counts of indecency against a child
    • Out on bail at the time of offending
    • Automatic name suppression
    • Sentenced to 7 years - minimum of 4.5 years to be served
    It is time for those who stand against child sexual exploitation, sexual violation, abuse, rape, to really stand up. These children are OUR future. The sentencing structure in New Zealand and Australia is failing them. No wonder we are breeding an angry young nation. We didn't take them seriously when they were at their most vulnerable and that alone will come back to smack us in the ass and when we least expect it.  

    Australian paedophile's sentence is a fraction of US counterpart's | Herald Sun

    September 14, 2010

    Name Suppression Activist/Blogger fined MORE than sex offenders

    Written by Blondie - This is bloody ridiculous.

    As we all know by now, Cameron Slater got fined a total $6,750 today for breach ing name sup pres­sion orders on this here web site. Most right-thinking peo ple would agree that the name sup pres sion orders should never have been made in the first place; it’s absolutely dis gust ing that sex-offenders hide behind their vic tims so that noone knows what dis gust ing sickos they are – until it’s too late because they’ve offended again.

    But the thought crossed my mind – I’m sure that Cameron got fined more than the actual offend ers (in at least some cases). And what do you know. The so-called “star” who got name sup pres sion after he grabbed a 16 year old girl and forced her face into his crotch – got fined a grand total of $5,130. 
    So, from where I’m sit ting, it looks like the NZ courts think it’s worse to name a sex-offender on the inter net, than to sex u ally assault teenage girls. At least, that’s how it looks when they throw a big ger fine at Cam than at filthy mon grels like this so-called entertainer.

    September 6, 2010

    The Wicked Triangle - Sex offenders, Centrepoint, and ACC

    We knew when looking into this story that, should the mainstream media ever let any of this information out (we suspected they wouldn't but are genuinely pleased they did) that those in positions of trust and responsibility would all start throwing each other under the nearest bus, and guess what? They are starting....
    Okay, hats off to David Rankin (ACC) for finally coming clean - at least someone in that organisation has balls. The fact that he worked alongside Felicity Goodyear-Smith is a tad rich, let along while she was weaving her wicked web of 'cost cutting' counselling services but at least he admitted it. And, went on to confirm that yes, her agenda was to cut costs and that ACC knew damn well that she would be the best person for that kind of research - especially given her background of harbouring sex offenders for one, and openly admitting that counselling sex abuse victims is a waste of time - "a sham." Who else would be better qualified?
    So now that we all know what we already knew... Nick Smith, funnily enough, still claims to know nothing. He's like that annoying Shultz off bloody Colditz and as we all know, he knew everything, just turned a blind eye. Unlike a TV character, Smith is "suppose" to know real important things about the ministerial portfolio he's been given to look after - well, you'd think, right?  
    And this 'turning a blind eye' is real catchy! Now, we're hearing about a police officer who initially investigated the Centrepoint cult, albeit reluctantly, was himself a convicted sex offender. And people think that sex offending is all in the minds of victims. What does felicity Goodyear-Smith call it again? Oh, that's right... false memory syndrome. I wonder if this is what she, herself, suffers from. I mean, it is her husband that's a convicted sex offender; her father-in-law that is a convicted sex offender; her friend and fellow researcher that were convicted as well; her police buddy that initially investigated was a child rapist... oh, the list goes on.
    And still Nick Smith knows nothing... So tell me Mr Smith, what the hell DO you know?
    By Tim Hume from the Sunday Star Times
    David Rankin, now Child Youth and Family's senior medical adviser, has also revealed an advisory group of eight eminent psychiatrists cautioned ACC against introducing a Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV) diagnosis of mental injury as the threshold for victims of sex crimes to access support.
    "They said, 'Be very careful, this is not what it's used for, this is not what it's all about'," Rankin told the Sunday Star-Times. "They said: 'It doesn't indicate severity, it only indicates the presence of a condition and it doesn't in any way tell you what treatment is needed."'
    ACC controversially introduced the requirement last year, cutting access to treatment for hundreds, before partially restoring support last month. Two suicides have been linked to the cuts.
    Rankin, who was ACC's general manager of health purchasing until 2006, says the main goal of the changes was to cut costs.
    "ACC's an insurance company. Its premium-payers are grizzling."
    ACC was "under extraordinary pressure to reduce its costs" and "anybody that looks at the counselling costs for sexual abuse must come to the conclusion that there is wasted money," he said. Although sensitive claims represented only a small amount of ACC's total spending, it was an area where the corporation had "extraordinary exposure" to liabilities.
    In 2004, Rankin commissioned research into sexual abuse counselling that was co-authored by Auckland University professor Felicity Goodyear-Smith.
    He said the research was commissioned because "ACC was concerned at the increase in cost in counselling".
    ACC has been criticised for commissioning the research from Goodyear-Smith, who is married to a convicted sex offender and is the daughter-in-law of Centrepoint's convicted paedophile founder Bert Potter. She has been an outspoken critic of sexual abuse counselling, labelling it "a scam".
    Her research included a recommendation that victims be assessed with a DSM-IV mental injury diagnosis, which later appeared as a requirement in ACC's "clinical pathway", despite not having been specified in the Massey guidelines, a widely accepted "best practice document" which ACC said guided how the pathway was formulated.
    Rankin said Goodyear-Smith's research had set out to determine whether psychologists provided more effective treatment than less-qualified counsellors.
    He had been "stunned" when her research had not borne out their expectation that they would.

    He said he had been aware of Goodyear-Smith's links to sex offenders and strong views, and for that reason stipulated "that I personally read what she said before we published it".
    He blocked a number of her recommendations. "We acknowledged the agenda and protected both herself and us against it," he said.
    He did not feel her background disqualified her from objective research, stressing that the research was "numerical" and adding "most people researching in that area have got a bias one way or the other".
    Green MP Kevin Hague said he believed the commissioning of Goodyear-Smith reflected the corporation's agenda to cut costs.
    "If it's a numerical analysis you want, the public health departments of our universities are packed with biostatisticians who could do that. Why would you choose the researcher with the most extreme view about the topic itself to do this neutral task?
    "They used Goodyear-Smith because they knew she would recommend less treatment and less costs for people who had been sexually abused. That, to me, is a scandal."
    ACC Minister Nick Smith said he couldn't comment on ACC's objectives in Rankin's time. But he insisted that changes to sensitive claims over the past 12 months had had nothing to do with cost-cutting, but focused on clinical care.
    He said an independent clinical panel came to the same conclusion.
    "There's been a lot of politics around trying to frame the debate around sensitive claims in context of bigger financial issues around ACC, but the paper trail and the involvement of the clinicians driving this makes it plain these are quite distinct."
    He was "uneasy" about Goodyear-Smith's involvement, but had seen no evidence her work had influenced the pathway.

    September 4, 2010


    Thoughts go out to those in Christchurch this evening as they bunker down to shelter from the incoming storm and in the wake of this morning's horrific earthquake. Mercifully, no one was killed during the 7.4 earthquake although two people were taken to Christchurch hospital in critical condition. 

    September 3, 2010

    Doctor suspended over child sex images |

    Riddle me this: if you're a doctor or teacher and you're caught with pornographic images of kids on your work computer, do you automatically avoid legal proceedings on the basis of your occupation? Well, it would appear so...

    His defence? A compulsion to masturbate. 

    In its findings, the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal, said: "the doctor had a psychiatric diagnosis of paraphilia, which involved compulsive masturbation and the use of images when masturbating".

    This is fascicle. It wasn't that long ago that New Zealand prided itself on being involved in one of the world's largest child porn busts. Yes, there we were with our heads held high, boasting our allegiance to the International call to arms against people such as... gee, this Doctor for one. And yet, here we are, on our wee lonesome, no International recognition, no media, no CNN channel and what do we do as an independent Nation? We let the little shit go with a smack on his hand, name suppression, a wee holiday from his job and a fine of $6000 to "someone" although I bet my bottom dollar, none of it will ever got to the kids he um ...masturbated over.  And at work? WTF? Did he, what, have a quick cyber-moment before getting the real thing in for a medical? This man forfeited the right to be anywhere near a person's body in any professional manner. I'm getting real tired of that old adage: boys will be boys. If this was a woman, getting off on pictures of little boys prior to seeing some real live ones, she'd have been charged quick smart! 

    Doctor suspended over child sex images |

    September 2, 2010

    ACC, What Has Become of You?

    "It must be really hard to be ACC nowadays. Even with the help of their spin-doctors they are digging themselves into a deeper hole every day. So, ACC has been buddies with Felicity Goodyear-Smith. That's really not that great news. Counsellors and survivors knew that for a long time ... at the latest since the infamous 'research' in 2005 came out. ACC is in best company given that FGS has enjoyed for many years the cosy protection if not admiration of Auckland University/Medical School. In their eyes it's obviously OK to back a lecturer who thinks not all adult-child sexual contact is bad - so that we can look forward to a new generaton of enlightened GPs. But I am digressing ....."

    ACC, What Has Become of You? - SOSA NZ - Survivors of Sexual Abuse NZ Charitable Trust:

    Rosemary McLeod - speak up!

    Herbs and spice, say all things nice - that's what little girls do....

    When someone starts an article with the word “opinion” it generally means they’re going to give you theirs – least of all someone like Rosemary McLeod and especially on the likes of someone as flagrant  as Felicity Goodyear-Smith.

    I must admit, I had to control the sudden urge to break something whenever Rosemary blew sunshine out Goodyear-Smith’s backside but only cause I thought she was leading me to the almighty punch-line, the major tada moment when she would expose this so-called self acclaimed researcher as a hideous slap in the face to sexual abuse survivors and guess what, it just never happened.
    Well alright, at one glorious moment, she did liken FGS to a ferret giving “advice on the care of chickens”  but suggests only people who dislike her would think such a thing. McLeod, on the other hand, said: “I rather like mavericks, and for that reason I admire Goodyear-Smith's perversity in taking…”
    Whoa, you gone lost me there sister!  Look, it’s one thing to like mavericks – after all, if they didn’t exist who the hell would she write about? – but FGS? Isn’t Maverick the guy who could escape from a towering inferno equipped with a shoe lace and hamster? Now that  I can admire! But a woman, married to a convicted child sex offender, who constantly supports men accused of child rape in Court, who advocates that some sort of sex with kids isn’t too bad, and who just so happens to have ‘advised’ ACC on how best to counsel victims of sex abuse all while she advocates that counseling doesn’t really go anything is… gee, let me think – major tourettes moment…!
    There are mavericks and then there are sex offending enablers.
    McLeod would have you think that people like me – who aren’t afraid to say they dislike the ‘Goodyear ferret’ – merely “see her as stigmatised by close association with the family of former Centrepoint guru - and convicted child sex and drugs offender - Bert Potter. “ Well thank you for that McLeod but you’re so way off the mark you may as well keep orbiting the sun honey.  The ferret’s past is just that and yes, it was her husband that was convicted. Okay, she may have got a slap on the hand for perjury but what’s that in the big scheme of things, yeah? No, you see, what I don’t like about the maggot is NOT what has happened but what is continually happening – even now!
    Does FGS  still think a ‘little’ sex with kids is okay? Yes . Does she defend men accused of child rape? She’s usually their first post of call. Does she run a Men’s Support Website which, at best can defend some innocent men but at worse, is nothing more than raving misogynist garble? Yes. Does she throw up random, unsupported, theories about false memory and how a hymen can be broken by random acts of …oh I dunno… god, baths, eating a pickled onion? Moreover, has she recently been paid thousands of dollars by the New Zealand government to advise a corporation on how best to ‘help’ sexually abused victims? Yes.
    You see, it’s not FGS’s past that we have become…oh, what’s the word McLeod used?...”obsessed” with, it’s her meddling in the lives and futures of ACC clients NOW.
    So yeah, thanks for your “opinion” McLeod. As I stated on your blog: “Opinion piece? Are you kidding me? You couldn't have sat on the fence more if it were protruding out your rear end”