April 15, 2011


Woke to the news that I had taken down my blog and the "highly offensive" material. For a moment there, I thought some Internet Corporation had taken it down and without me knowing.... I half expected Julian Assange to give me a call.

So, just to confirm... 

I have not been contacted by anyone - from ACC, Jansen, Nick Smith, the Police, Jansen's legal team - anyone about taking my blog down. 

I also refute Nick Smith's comments saying I had been contacted by Mr Jansen in November requesting I take my blog down and that only because the blog was still up there, some 4-5 months later, he sort legal action. I find that odd considering my first email, upon being served, was to Jansen's very lawyer and his reply confirming that was my first communication with him. 

I would also like to add that I have not received 10 years of counselling already from ACC. What I have done is spent a lot of personal money on private counselling whilst I was overseas, back in the good old days when I was a single person and could afford it. (at least 12 years ago now)

I would also like to make a request to Media in general: Please don't hound me for my personal details like my name and address. The only reason why have I not gone public is because, for the first time in years, my child has been able to be semi-normal again. She has made new friends at her new school. She even went to a school camp! The last thing I want is to have uproot her (again) because someone somewhere thought it would be real cool to publicly expose her mother's whereabouts. 

Oh I see RadioLive has decided it would be real cool to do just that... expose me and to top off it off, they've just taken a call from an ex-husband of mine... assuming it is him, doesn't sound much like it but hey.... let's not let the truth get in the way of a good story eh Michael Laws?  Unbelievable.


  1. You throw a lot of abuse around. You have made choices. You have decided to be an abuser. So don't complain if people don't like it.

  2. Anonymoust you are a total jerk. Did this woman get choices when she was abused?

    STFU when clearly you do not know what you are talking about.
    The coices are that vulnerable people have a right to fight for their basic human rights.

    Get over it.

  3. Have you been in touch with Carmel Sepuloni? If not, her and Lynne Pillay have been working together against ACC in parliament. I, too, am blogging like you and others, am in the midst of a police investigation against one of my abusers and am struggling to provide my son a "normal" life. He's lucky we haven't lost his dad/my husband - he's been good enough to stick around despite the insanity brought upon our house.

    Strength, support, love and my backing! Oh and I found that diagnosis (on my blog, it's lost in twitter history but Kyle MacDonald and I had a good giggle over it on twitter)
    "I'm giving Nick Smith a DSM-IV diagnosis of Clinical Ass with assaholic tendencies"

  4. Given the clips I've witnessed showing politicians giving their reasons for supporting the "Skynet" intenet law change, I'm pretty sure members of parliament can't actually find the internet, so you're pretty safe. :)

  5. Jax, you are not an abuser, you are a defender. You are fighting back against people and a system that is geared to blame the victim and punish them for recognising the harm done to them by others.
    Victims are meant to remain quiet, accept that shit happens and certainly never, speak up or defend themselves in any manner.

    Number one, after all that Jax has been through, I feel she has earned the right to be angry. She put her trust in a system and a government funded agency to look after he interests. Instead, when they acted inappropriately, (as they have with many), and were inefficient and abusive in their manner, she spoke up and fought back.

    The only people that don't like it are those who stand to gain from her silence.

  6. Michael Laws has no morals or compassion so I wouldn't worry about that. No one with half a brian listens to that dribble. Interesting though with all the people he insults EVERYDAY he has never been sued though.

    Ex-husbands are "ex" for a reason and if they ring and try to spread lies and people believe it then "good for them". But the PROOF is in the pudding a? Maybe people need to stop and think "why is she having to hide?" Look at the domestic violence stats for goodness sake.

    Knowing or listening to FACTS or reason is not how Michael Laws gets ratings. Being a nasty bugger is. If it works for him without him being sued then why doesn't it work for you without being sued when you have the FACTS here and now Nick Smith knows it!

    Also, Jax has a full-time job.... a real job Michael.... you however..????

  7. You go girl! When you've been abused it's amazing how many people with some sort of power over you are happy to make it worse.

  8. Go Girl Go! Don't listen to the Anonymous Coward.

  9. Micael Laws just hates everyone - especially anyone with a mind of their own, and the means to voice their own opinions. No one listens to him anyway, so i would not get too upset about his opinion.

    I would like to say though, that if you are going to blog about others, and their behaviour, it doesn't seem fair for you to expect to do that anonymously. Words have a lot more credibility when the person speaking them is not hiding.

    That is just my humble opinion though. All the best to you.

  10. Oh wait, nevermind! Just saw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8Zxo0MlibI

    Epic especially Ryall contradicting ACC and Nick Smith:
    "always concerned for the victims of sexual abuse"
    "It is completely unacceptable if ACC staff have not been dealing with the victims of sexual abuse in a sympathetic and professional way."

  11. Damn - I'm still reading your blog looking for the abuse that the fuss is about - but haven't found it yet. Fortunately the blog is pretty interesting

  12. Peter Jansen is welcome to sue me too... http://hooked-by-love.blogspot.com/2011/04/dr-peter-jansen-is-incompetent-buffoon.html

  13. You must be exhausted.
    Wishing you a peaceful weekend.

  14. I too cannot see what the fuss is about, much like most media beat ups. I don't get it. I can't see what they are complaining about.

    These suits are just bullies so don't let them push you around. You have the right to free speech so continue to do what you do.

    As for Mr Laws. He is a hateful man who doesn't care about anyone except himself. He incites hatred and prejudice against almost every minority group.He demanded everyone to feel sorry for him when he had a seriously ill child and milked the sympathy by splashing the story all over the Sunday Star Times. Yet if anyone dare speculate on his love life...whoa watch out.

  15. Watched the TV 1 news segment re other claimants experiencing the same similar experiences with ACC's Assessors/Doctors sending out threatening letters from their lawyers about what claimants say about them.I think I am now starting to put to and together about Dr Peter Jansen...and it would now appear Dr Jan Reeves of Auckland is another Doctor who may have done the same (threaten legal action)to another sensitive claimant,whilst engaged in ACC work.

    VERY nteresting read, which is starting to beg the question that that those attached to the Sensitive Claims Unit at the very least at senior levels, is how can any of these, in my honest opinion, intutionalised abusers be allowed to practice in the areas that the are working in?



  16. I saw the story on the news tonight about the guy from ACC proposing to sue you and was amazed and disgusted that anyone from that organisation could show so little empathy or compassion for a person who has been through a traumatic time as you have. Given that ACC is (or should be) a "helping" agency how on earth did someone with his mindset achieve a position of some authority there ?
    Hang in there Jax, you sound like a strong woman and you will have lots of supporters in your corner.

  17. This is the blog post he is suing her for:


    Harden the fuck up Dr. Peter Jansen, seriously!! That's why you get made the big bucks. And is this really defamation... LOL. Sounds like you made a right balls up of her claim and that is her personal opinion about you as a result.

  18. Good for you Jax. I've also been treated dreadfully by ACC. My Sensitive Claim has been botched up by an incompetent psychiatrist. I feel totally revictised by the whole process, but wouldn't have a clue who to talk to. Still waiting for counselling nearly a year down the track. The system is flawed and desperately needs exposing.

  19. It is absolutely disgusting on the way you and other victims have been treated.

    ACC, Nick Smith, Dr Jansen all should be made accountable for their action/inactions.

    Aren't doctors supposed to sign a pledge to help their fellow man ?
    This clearly not the case.

    So what you tipped at them ?
    You only said what many thousands are thinking.

    I say good on you & good luck. Probably 90% of NZ are behind you.

    Best regards ....

  20. You should be ashamed of yourself about internet stalking this man over the last 12 months. You exposed him, now you will inevitably be exposed as well. Being a sexual abuse survivor myself I would advise you to quickly apologize and ask him to withdraw too. You ruined him, he did not sexually violate you. You direct your agression towards the rapist on to an administrator. In the meantime you are guilty of damaging your little girl for life, as she will bear these difficult days with her the rest of your life. One day she will ask you 'was it worth it'. Well, what will you answer to her.

  21. Dear anon... thank you so much for being concerned about my child, a person in her own right that you know nothing about, but thank you all the same...

    You say, as a sexual abuse survivor, (like yourself) I should "quickly apologise and ask him to withdraw".

    Is that not what every survivor wanted from the onset? As sickened as it makes me feel to write that?

    As far as my kid is concerned... listen up.... she is a product of me and my experience. Suffice to say, some of who I am imparted on her... when I sat her down, last night with a professional psychotherapist (cause, yes I was concerned about the effect this might have on her)..... she was pissed off about one thing.....

    I told her I was taking the blog down.

    Its a relationship you obviously do not understand. It's enough for you to judge but not know... and that's okay... you in a position to know nothing different.

    Kind regards

  22. If everyone, who are waiting for action on their claims, or who have been stuffed around by ACC, their advisers, clingons, boot lickers and bum climbers, all got together to protest, the government might be very surprised at the reaction. There has to be many thousands of disgruntled clients sitting at home in abject frustration and despair.
    I think doctors have forgotten they are there to bring the proper care and attention to all ill people. Maybe they need to re-read why they chose to be doctors.


    All medical practitioners, including those who may not be engaged directly in clinical practice, will acknowledge and accept the following Principles of Ethical Behaviour:

    1 Consider the health and well being of the patient to be your first priority.

    2 Respect the rights, autonomy and freedom of choice of the patient.
    3 Avoid exploiting the patient in any manner.
    4 Practise the science and art of medicine to the best of your ability with moral integrity, compassion and respect for human dignity.
    5 Protect the patient’s private information throughout his/her lifetime and following death, unless there are overriding considerations in terms of public interest or patient safety.
    6 Strive to improve your knowledge and skills so that the best possible advice and treatment can be offered to the patient.
    7 Adhere to the scientific basis for medical practice while acknowledging the limits of current knowledge.
    8 Honour the profession, including its traditions, values, and its principles, in the ways that best serve the interests of the patient.
    9 Recognise your own limitations and the special skills of others in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease.
    10 Accept a responsibility to assist in the protection and improvement of the health of the community.
    11 Accept a responsibility to advocate for adequate resourcing of medical services and assist in maximising equitable access to them across the community.
    12 Accept a responsibility for maintaining the standards of the profession.

  23. Hi Jax

    Like hookedonlove I want to offer you solidarity with your stand against Peter Jansen. I can't believe he's going after you in this way.

    I am going to re-post your work in solidarity over at my blog, as well as explain why I support you. Stay strong.

  24. You dick Jax. I was abused too and have had counselling by ACC. I would never slag them off like you have. Don't you realise it's all in the wording of the act (therefore parliament) and not Dr there? He doesn't have ultimate power over whether you get counselling or not. Maybe your former counsellor should have wrote a smarter report...

  25. Dick? (searches her bits).... please, if you are to insult me, refer to my gender in a realistic manner...

  26. Jax, have you EVER emailed Dr. Peter Jansen outside of his work email at ACC?

    Has all the contact you ever have had with him been via ACC? If so, why are the ACC lawyers not the ones taking legal action against you? I would of thought as an employee on ACC he is responsible to them, first and foremost. He could even be in breach of contract with them.

  27. Anonymous - very good points that I am sure Jax will follow up on.

    BUT WAIT....Dr Jackass Jansen is going hard out at work today - SUNDAY, replying to his Email's received through his ACC Email address, even though what I have received at 12.23pm today - SUNDAY is only a Read Receipt. But guess what, from the one that I sent this moron on Friday, also acknowledged by read receipt, he does not appear to be forwarding his Email's on to any other ACC person. I can confirm this throug my Email tracking programme.

    You are a pricelss idiot Jackass Jansen and you deserve everything that is coming your way; long overdue in my opinion.

  28. Glad your kid is at school and making friends. Typical media getting the story wrong!

  29. more lies is it?
    are you using your kid again, as a defense?
    if all the bull shit was removed from your blogs, how much would remain? not much is my my guess!

  30. There is always one. (heavy sigh).. guess away Ano, knock yourelf out.. I know of no one who cares.


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