August 30, 2010

You want fries with that gravy train Jansen?

Dr Peter Jansen - head of the Sensitive Claims Unit (SCU) at ACC, recently asked and received $650,000 from the NZ Health Research Council (HRC) to look into the "Maori Experiences of Health Services."  

The project was supported "in part" by HRC. The other parties, the Ministry of Health and ACC also contributed financially although getting figures from them is like asking for a claim to be date stamped in SCU - nothing doing. 

Now before we go ripping our undies, the research seems to be for the good of New Zealand's indigenous people so, let's run with it .. for now. So, what are they needing to know that cost "in part" over half a million dollars? Well, they want to 
"...understand the expectations, preferences and experiences of Māori consumers of health and disability services that prevent the optimal use of services, through analysing existing information on health service use and surveying Māori consumers." 
In other words, are we shafting our Māori "consumers"?

The first thing I'd really like to say is.. thank God Jansen isn't advocating for higher education because it just don't take no genius to figure out the service, for anyone, irrespective of race, is crap. He'd have been better served taking some Māori... (I was going to say consumer but that presupposes she actually got some service)... some Māori chick, trying to get a sensitive claim processed, out for a latte to see what she thinks. Guaranteed: ten bucks at the most and he would have had so much research shoved in his face, he'd have been crying all the way to Nick Smith's ministerial car. 

But let's not be hasty... I mean, at $650,000, maybe he got some real good shit? Let's have a wee gander....

One of the objectives of the report was to "recognise the barriers to optimal use of health and disability services by Māori." Unsurprisingly, one of the main "issues" was cost - the consultation and prescription costs; loss of wages due to time off (oh, a red light for ACC here!); and the questioning of "value for money" when visiting a GP. Well bugger me! Darn those pesty Māori consumers! Fancy coming up with the blatantly obvious! Let's hope no smart arse blogger catches on to the fact that we've gone paid all this money for crap.

Moving swiftly along...

Oh... a neat wee graph with lots of stuff. Apparently, 48% of whoever the hell they asked, reported an "overall satisfaction" with their health provider. That's nice. Well, it's crap actually cause 52% must think they suck but I am sure that's not important right now. Oh look, 75% said "they respected the respondent's culture and belief" while 58% said "they explained things well." Oh that's good. Nice to know that the absolute child-like basics are being covered at this point. I mean, I'd hate to think these 'health providers' were charging those horrendous fees and didn't know what the fork they were doing... you know, it's research like this that just makes my heart go all...fuzzy. 

Oddly enough, ACC was classed as "non applicable" when it came to:

  • able to get a suitable appointment time
  • seen on time
  • spent enough time with the respondent
  • said respondent's name properly 

Pffttt... oh come on you lot... it's not like that shit is important. Who gives a toss if someones name is said wrong? This is a very expensive research and conducted by people with shit loads of initials after their name so it must be legit.  It economical. And I know, some of your "out there" are kind of thinking... wow, that Jansen eh, he's one hell of a dude. Imagine turning down all those Sensitive Claims AND finding the time to spend tax payers money to do this sort of research. I mean the man has talent.


August 29, 2010

ACC Researcher - also convicted paedophile's wife

I kid you not.  ACC hired the wife of a convicted child sex offender to advise them on how best to counsel sexually abused clients - aka Felicity Goodyear-Smith. 

Look, I know some of you will probably think, so what, it was her husband that was a criminal not her... but hold your horses folks cause this double-barrelled sick pot goes even further. 

First of all, she is the founder of a support group for men accused of sex crimes, and has acted for them in the courts and the media over the past 16 years.  Goodyear-Smith defends men accused of child rape by means of False Memory Syndrome...yep, that's right folks, child rape, assault, whatever you want to call it, just does not happen. It's all just silly little ideas that some sad person has put into our heads. And um, who runs this wee group? Why it's none other than the Potty ...opps, I mean Potter family and who exactly are these people?

Well there's 'Pop' - good old Father-in-law - convicted sex offender, Centerpoint 'talent scout,' member of the same wee group previously mentioned, and an advocate for 'sex with kids don't hurt em' kind of mentality. Then there is Goodyear-Smith's hubby - eager to step into his father's shoes, he too screwed around with some kids and got a conviction only he went one better than pops and went on to marry someone to hide behind. 

Oh but what would a family be without close friends? I mean, even kiddy-fiddlers like to socialise right? ...drum role... enter, friends Susanne Brighouse, who was jointly charged with former husband Dave Mendelssohn of sexual offending. They now live at the same Albany address as Goodyear-Smith and her husband (well blow me down!) and is also sporadically hired on a casual basis as her research assistant at Auckland University (and ACC). What fantastically enlightening dinner parties they must have!
Says a senior police officer involved in the Centrepoint investigation: "We always regarded Goodyear-Smith as an apologist for paedophiles." (Goodyear-Smith was charged with perjury in 1992; she writes that she was acquitted.)"
And how does ACC respond to this? Why they hire Goodyear-Smith of course...duh!
Auckland University medical and health sciences faculty professor Felicity Goodyear-Smith was one of the authors of a 2005 paper on sexual abuse counselling funded by ACC.
Goodyear-Smith, who lived for years on Centrepoint land, working as the community's GP, is an outspoken critic of sexual abuse counselling, saying it can be as damaging as sexual abuse itself, and once telling a newspaper the "ACC scam's one of the biggest there is"
Well it won't take a genius to work out the motive behind ACC hiring Goodyear-Smith now would it? I mean, if you wanted to shut up shop on helping sexually abused victims wouldn't you go looking for someone who thinks that the service you do offer is nothing more than a scam? Good one ACC!

Talking of weasels, just where does Nick Smith sit on all this? 
Smith's spokesman distanced him from the research, saying it occurred three years before he became minister, and that he had no information on the matter.
Oh for Pete's sake. Isn't it his fucking job to know what the fuck he is doing? I mean, isn't that what he's paid for, got elected to do? Just what the fuck did he do when handed the ACC portfolio, shove it in his bottom draw? 

ACC adviser silent on links to sex abusers |

August 26, 2010

Exemption for police

The Government is under fire for its plan to allow police, Fire Service and Defence Force bars to continue to be exempt from liquor licensing laws, while opposition leader Phil Goff says the same rules should apply for all NZers. Why should these organisations be exempt from liquor licensing laws?

Exemption for police a fair deal, says Govt - National - NZ Herald News

Store intruder was killer driver

Let me see if I have this right....

A burglar who died while wrestling with a pharmacist in the man's store was a convicted killer driver with an extensive criminal history. Bruce Allan Jones, 43, died from a suspected heart attack after confronting Mt Albert pharmacist Grant Gillard early on Tuesday.
Mr Gillard was securing his premises after being called to a break-in at the New North Rd property, which he and his wife Vera have owned since 1969. He encountered Jones as he was locking up, and a scuffle ensued.
Jones' criminal record includes a 30-month sentence in 2003 for causing a fatal car crash while high on cannabis, methadone and tranquillisers.
First of all, why is there even a question about whether or not charges are to be laid against the pharmacist Mr Gillard? Is it a crime in New Zealand to defend yourself against an intruder? If that's the case, Mr Gillard would have been better off just grabbing his coat and leaving the front door ajar as he left. Oh no, hang on.. he might have then been arrested for some public nuisance/negligence charge... Secondly, this Jones character, high on drugs, kills another motorists while driving and gets what? ...A 30 month sentence-probably got out in two thirds of that time if he did some tax-paid-for-soul-searching stuff. Unbelievable New Zealand. 
Store intruder was killer driver - National - NZ Herald News: "No charges have been been laid against Mr Gillard, and his lawyer Richard Earwaker last night said they were waiting for police to complete their inquiries."
"The Serious Fraud Office has laid more than 100 charges against four former directors of failed lender Five Star Finance, carrying a maximum penalty of seven years apiece.

The charges relate to loans worth some $50 million, a large proportion of which the SFO says is irrecoverable, and concern related party lending between 2003 and 2007. The white collar crime investigator alleges the defendants intentionally applied funds in breach of the company's obligation under its trust deed, and dishonestly used documents to obtain a benefit."

Excellent, super, smashing, great.... so when do they repay the money?....(Bursts out in fake laughter)...Oh god, I crack myself up! Of course they won't pay any money, silly billy..... this is the new 'White Collar" guaranteed retirement fund. Spend a wee time behind bars and then come on out and enjoy your takings...

Dodgy Cop gets promotion

Question: Why does NZ have one of the lowest sexual crime conviction rates?

"Detective Inspector Dave Archibald was censured in 2005 when he was a senior sergeant for accessing the computer system during the trial of former police officers Shipton, Bob Schollum and two civilians for raping a woman at Mt Maunganui.

Mr Archibald was looking for information to pass to private investigator and former colleague John Birmingham, who worked for Shipton's defence."

Oh don't worry folks... the 'police officer' was just promoted...!

Broad 'disappointed' at cop's job promotion - National - NZ Herald News:

Former MP, commissioner sentenced for fraud

Riddle me this folks.... would you have only received 300 hours community service if YOU ripped off thousands of dollars from  charities? Oh please... you'd have been carted off to jail quick smart. Unless... of course... you're a former National MP and Children's Commissioner Roger McClay, in which case, you'd get a wee smack on the hand and a sentence of "300 hours community service." 

Prior to his wee little knack of pinching dosh from the likes of World Vision, McClay held a position as the New Zealand Children's Commissioner. In this role, he advocated for the interests, rights and welfare of children aged 0-18 in New Zealand. In addition, he monitored and assessed care and protection and youth justice services provided under the Children, Young People and Their Families Act.

What was he really doing all that time; figuring out where the loopholes were in the finances of these charities just so he could line his own pocket? I mean, aside from the fact that he was in such a "trustworthy" position and then went on to rip those people off, what's with the 300 hours community service? New Zealand's judicial system has gone completely mad!

Former MP, commissioner sentenced for fraud |

ACC - Ass about face

Yeah right, I know. We should be grateful. ACC have now reversed their decision and will allow "new/existing claimants" 16 hours counselling. You know I should be thankful really shouldn't I? But you know what, I just can't find it in me... You can't tell me that the Review Panel showed ANYTHING to Nick Smith that he hadn't seen before - least, you'd better not say that cause that would only mean, as the Minister of ACC, dropped the ball, didn't he? 

So yeah, he knew everything that was presented... so why now does he take the "deer in headlight" stance over this? You know what, if that ruddy halo of his slips any further, I swear to God he'll choke! 

So no, I am NOT going to say, oh thank you very much Mr Smith, oh how gracious and kind you are... I'm going to remind him of the "too little, too late" for those women who committed suicide over this and yes, I said that infamous "Suicide" word, the one that the mainstream media are not allowed to say - what's with that?

August 13, 2010

Coroner rules on exorcism death

A Young Wainuiomata woman Janet Moses died as a result of accidental drowning by way of manslaughter, Wellington regional coroner Ian Smith has found. Ms Moses died during an attempted exorcism, and Mr Smith recommended whanau instead consult experts when they suspected a makutu or curse had been placed on a family member. His finding came almost a year after five members of the 22-year-old woman's family were sentenced for their parts in her death, on October 12, 2007, in the Lower Hutt suburb.

Two main culprits were subject to harsher penalty, with both sentenced to six months' community detention and a daily curfew. In addition they had to do 300 hours community work and 12 months' supervision. 

You're kidding me right? Five people hold down a young woman and over the course of several days, they drown her by pouring water into her nose and mouth, and what? They get the "harsh penalty" of what? Community service, a curfew, and some supervision? WTF? Would the sentencing have been different if it were five men and none of them were Maori? I mean, for Pete's sake, Maori people aren't stupid. They know that when you shove someone's head into a bucket of water and don't let them up for air, that.. gee whiz.. they actually drown! If they were so bloody concerned with the Maori culture then they would have summoned the help of their local ariki taungaroa - paramount chief - as opposed to taking on some witchcraft ceremony and then sitting back on their naive Maoridom claiming it was just a "cultural" misunderstanding. Unbelievable New Zealand!

Helpers cheat Salvation Army in food bank scam

Two Salvation Army volunteers have been convicted of stealing groceries intended for the organisation's charity food bank. 

Martin Roger Finnerty, 54, and Ngaire Finnerty, 46, yesterday pleaded guilty to theft, after they were caught in a police sting. They were convicted and sentenced to community work.

In the Dunedin District Court yesterday, defence lawyer Jo Turner said the Finnertys knew their behaviour was wrong, but it was "an inappropriate response and misguided effort to gain some control" of their lives.They had been under emotional and financial stress after the killing of their 16-year-old son and stepson, Shaun Finnerty-Gallagher, in Christchurch in 2008. Last year, Thomas Tihema Christie, 26, was sentenced to six years' jail for the indecent assault and manslaughter of the teenager.

I don't have a good feeling about anyone being convicted of stealing food. It just doesn't sit well with me. I mean, of all the things to steal, they steal food? Could it be they actually needed to? And what is the story behind this story? How is it that this couple find themselves in so much financial debt as to steal food when they have been victims of one of the worse crimes imaginable? What assistance do they get or do they merely have to continue living like "functional wage-earners" while their daughter's murderer goes to trial? And six years? He'll be out in four.

Helpers cheat Salvation Army in food bank scam - National - NZ Herald News: "

Not a Good day for Peter Jansen (ACC)

It's certainly not a good time to be Peter Jansen right now - ACC Sensitive Claims Senior Medical Adviser - but it's not like he wasn't warned.  Even those not directly associated with Politics knew he'd become the scapegoat when this whole "clinical pathways" debacle was exposed.  We also predicted that once Jansen's head on was on the block, those ACC clinical psychologists paid to make assessments, along with the Royal NZ College of Practitioners, would become his target - that's yet to play out, perhaps because (this time) there is just too much evidence suggesting Jansen was warned for months about the pathway faults and literally ignored their advice. Even the brains behind the initial Massey University study that started the changes distanced themselves publicly. 

I kind of feel sorry for Jansen. Kind of. I mean, here is the guy, plucked from the heights of Maori Mental Health along with all his bells and whistles, his honorary membership to some of the top leading New Zealand health professions, and for what - so he can become the very thing Nick Smith kicks when his "cost cutting" antics are exposed?  I say kind of feel sorry for him. I mean, he's not a stupid guy, surely. But I do wonder. When he paraded around New Zealand showcasing the clinical pathways to health professionals, did he not look into it himself and think, hum, this just doesn't sound ethical? Surely those members that walked out during his presentations ought to have been a subtle hint.  

But here we have it. Nick Smith openly saying "ACC had handled the issue poorly."

Yeah, I feel a tad sorry for Jansen but I am sure the money was worth it. I'd be more pleased, however, if Smith got booted because we know for certain he was given information months and months ago detailing the failing of his clinical pathways - I know for a fact; I still have my emails to him and oddly enough, I am still awaiting a response to his claim that it takes only "20 days for a claim to be assessed." I'm heading into my first year anniversary of bullshit assessments, delays, and miscommunication.  I say miscommunication but really it's just gross negligence. 

Dr Peter Jansen (Ng ti Raukawa)
MB ChB, FRNZCGP (Dist), Grad Cert Clin Tchg

Peter was a founding director of Mauri Ora Associates Ltd and has been the lead investigator for the research project 
He Ritenga Whakaaro: M ori experiences of health services, funded by the Health Research Council, the Ministry of Health and Accident Compensation Corporation Peter now works fulltime for ACC as Senior Medical Advisor. Peter’s working life has included general practice in both rural and deprived urban communities, pharmaceutical medicine and medical teaching. He received a Distinguished Fellowship of the RNZCGP in 2008 for his work in the area of cultural competence. He has contributed to many publications on cultural competence in health care, for examples see the ACC and Medical Council publications on cultural competence and papers on the Mauri Ora Associates website ( Peter has personal experience of cancer and in the more recent past has participated in New Zealand guidelines for melanoma and guidelines for the early detection and referral of cancer.

So, was it worth it Jansen? 

August 12, 2010

Sensible Sentencing Trust - on Facebook

Nick Smith - God damn Weasel!

Nick Smith said the provision of 16 hours was an interim provision and a long term plan would be made after the final report from the independent clinical panel was released in mid-September.
The panel was set up by Dr Smith following concern about the cuts being made. (Not quite right. The Panel was set up because a lot of very fine people got pissed off and put pressure on him and DESPITE qualified professionals telling him, he's doing it wrong)
"It was my decision to set up the independent clinical panel when it was plain that a substantive number of clinicians working in this area believed ACC had it wrong," he said. (Don't YOU dare cash in on this! It was NOT his decision. Pressure from Labour MADE him reconsider his initial denial of a claims review)
Dr Smith said while he had been careful not to interfere with what was a clinical matter (being careful NOT to interfere and turning a blind eye are pretty much the same thing Smith!) he did not think ACC had managed the issue well. (NO fucking kidding Sherlock!)
Labour's ACC spokesman David Parker said Dr Smith's attempts to blame the ACC board should not be accepted.
"The minister was repeatedly and clearly warned by clinicians and the Labour Party that his changes were so obviously wrong. (YEP, He sure was!) 

"Why have a minister if he will not take responsibility in the face of prior warnings."

ACC - Getting Assessed for Counselling.

Well, we all know the drill now. You apply to ACC for counselling and they get you accessed by one of their paid (usually) clinical psychologists to see whether you're eligible. So far so good, right? Wrong!

What is wrong with this picture? 

Well, first of all, you as the ACC client cannot choose a clinical psychologist yourself even if, god forbid, you've been seeing one prior to your claim. ACC don't think that's fair, on them. I mean, you may have struck up too much of a rapport (as if that were a bad thing) and as a result, the report could be bias - against ACC but pro you for a claim. So no, they assign their own, someone they claim is impartial but at the end of the day, their job is to try and find ways in which ACC do not have to process you claim or pay you any compensation. 

If we turned this situation over to the legal world, it can be likened to entering Court whereby you have to "defend" against their lawyer/clinical psychologist saying you have no entitlement. Unlike in Court however, you are not allowed independent counsel, you must defend yourself and against accusations you will know nothing about until you sit in the dock. 

Too bad if you're suffering from the very thing you need help with - depression, anxiety, cloudy memories - cause that will go against you as someone who really hasn't got it together enough to have a claim realised. ACC will claim you're too unstable and delay the claim process for anything up to a few years where you will then spend the same amount of time, desperately trying to suppress your symptoms just so you can hopefully process to the next level and gee, just get some help for God sake.  

In any event, you would think someone who went through that process, was accused of being far too unstable to have their claim approved (I mean she was only just raped right?) would, after years of delay, be met with a little more understanding, right? Wrong again. This particular woman, deemed to be unstable went on to spend years highly medicated in order to suppress the very symptoms they are now, currently, trying to access.  How the hell does that work?

In their more recent line of questioning (as there have been five previous assessments all costing the tax payer thousands of dollars), the clinical psychologist is intent on assigning a proportion of the woman's symptoms on anything other than the initial rape. It's like there is a pie that needs to be cut up and distributed - 20% goes to having a dysfunctional childhood, 10% to that boyfriend who broke your heart and made you feel like crap...and so on. With any (ACC) luck, they'll only really be responsible for the meagre 20-30% left over and that, my dear friends, will be your lump sum/living allowance calculation entitlement. 

The irony... no actually that is not the right word... the pathetic, abusive, inhumane madness behind all this is, ACC will not process your claim if you are unwell. You are deemed to be too unstable. Your encouraged to get better on your own and with no assistance, you know, so they can then assess your needs but if you do this, if you do try and "get better" they will turn around and claim you're cured and don't need their help. 

Oh don't worry, it's not all that heartless. They do throw in a lot of sympathetic "awes" and "arghs" along the way which is the least these ACC assessors can do at $2000 an hour,  but this "damned if you do, damned if you don't" mentality really needs a kick up the arse. 

My advice? Buy a lotto ticket and spend the winnings on private counselling. At the end of the day, you'd have more chance at winning that than getting a claim through the shameful ACC system. If all else fails, join a support group and get "rightfully" pissed off. Vote with your feet!    

ACC reinstates help

Victims of sexual abuse will more easily be able to obtain the help of specialised counsellors from Monday, following a partial backdown by ACC.
In a move branded "inhumane" by a rape prevention group, ACC last October cut back counselling for victims of rape and other sexual abuse "sensitive claims".
Funding became restricted to only those with a diagnosed mental injury resulting from sexual abuse or assault.
But yesterday, ACC acknowledged that this move, although in line with its legislation, had "exposed gaps" in its services, and it announced it would provide extra support.
From Monday, people with a new sensitive claim and those whose claim is awaiting a decision will be able to have up to 16 hours with a counsellor funded by ACC.
"ACC has listened to concerns expressed by several groups that more support is needed," said the corporation's general manager of claims management, Denise Cosgrove.
Rape Prevention Education director Dr Kim McGregor said more than 16 hours was needed in many cases, but it was an "extremely welcome" move.
The figure of 16 hours had arisen in relation to adults who had experienced one sexual assault, she said.
"So 16 hours would be inappropriate, for example, for child sexual abuse and for most survivors of sexual violence who had experienced more than one sexual assault."
Dr McGregor said last year's cutback had affected survivors of sexual violence, and counsellors. Some survivors would have harmed themselves or become suicidal.
Others, who had taken years or decades to summon the courage to disclose that they had been sexually abused, only to find they couldn't obtain ACC counselling, might have just closed down and put up with whatever they were dealing with for another 10 years.
There had been a huge increase in demand for free and low-cost counselling services such as telephone and school-based counselling after last year's changes, Dr McGregor said.
This was because of the sudden shortage of specialised sexual abuse counsellors caused by ACC's cutback. Many would have moved on to other counselling work, such as in the Family Court or for drug treatment services.
ACC said it was expected that counselling for up to 16 hours would be sufficient for many people and they would not subsequently need ACC cover.
The 16 hours would also be used to gather information on signs of possible mental injury resulting from sexual abuse, for use in deciding whether to accept a claim.
ACC is still deciding what support will be available for those who suffer a relapse, and those whose claims have previously been declined, and arrangements for children.
Dr Barbara Disley, chairwoman of a clinical review panel appointed by ACC Minister Nick Smith, said members had expressed their concerns to him that the number of claims by sexual assault victims had halved and many claimants were declined cover or faced delays in obtaining support.
She said the change announced yesterday "begins to address the panel's concerns".

August 4, 2010

Come on!!!!!!

I am feeling a little antsy... tonight's news is dominated by Lieutenant Tim O'Donnell, 28... killed in Afghanistan while... I dunno, doing some American bullshit. And don’t even get me started on Arabs and what shit they’ve cause the “world.” We are New Zealanders and this bloody well ain’t out fight. Yet, here we are, as always under Colonial rule, sending OUR boys and girls to be slaughtered for some issue that will NEVER benefit New Zealand. And what the fuck is with TV One?  They showed a table depicting which country had lost the most citizens - this isn’t a fucking Olympic Gold’s table! Tim was/is a New Zealander. One of US! Bring our boys and girls home, I say – let those fighting over oil throw sand into the face of those who have more. Stop being so bloody colonized New Zealand!

Years ago, there was this saying “Don’t leave home till you’ve seen the country.” It was designed to get New Zealanders to look inward, at home, see the beauty this country offered before thinking you could get that shit overseas. So what, it was kind of okay to portray that inward thinking when it came to lining one’s own tourist industry and not for saving one of it’s own?

I remember once a country… first place to give women the vote. First ever country to become anti-nuke. What a proud time that was…. We “actually” stood for something!

The shame is not that this young man’s died but that he merely joined “others.”

New Zealanders used to stand “apart” from then world. Cause that what’s it meant to be a KIWI.

August 3, 2010

Call to publicly name and shame sex offenders


As a new Law to protect children against known sex offenders is rolled out in the U K a New Zealand victim’s advocacy organization says it is time Sarah’s Law was introduced here – but they want to go further by having a publicly available register to name and shame sex offenders.

Sarah’s Law was introduced after eight year old Sarah Payne was murdered by known paedophile Roy Whiting and years of lobbying by various Victims’ Rights Groups.

The Sensible Sentencing Trust is calling for a similar law to be introduced into New Zealand saying it is time the safety and protection of women and children was the paramount consideration. 

The Trust already administers an on-line offender data base which names some of New Zealand’s worst violent criminals and sex offenders, the information the Trust uses is gathered from publicly available records.

Trust Spokesman Garth McVicar said that with recognition world wide that naming and shaming offenders was more successful than rehabilitation courses his organization was promoting the idea that repeat offenders – particularly sex offenders should be named and shamed on a publicly available register. 

“The safety of our women and children – and indeed all citizens – must be a priority for all Governments, we think it is time the ‘rights’ of law abiding citizens came before the ‘rights’ of offenders.”