January 18, 2013

Take a right, here...

Yes, a profound thought.... reminds me of a saying:
"If you put your ladder against the same wall, don't expect  a different view"
Or something like that. Actually, it was nothing like that but you get my point. You're smart, right?.

No, what I am trying to say - very badly - is I am sick and tired of writing what I think I should write. (VISUAL) ...Eye balls rolling.... (my eyes, that is).... followed by deep heavy sigh..... 

I will continue to write about ACC and my somewhat tragic experience with them and, more so, the events that made me HAVE to deal with them, but today, as I sat on a bus overhearing conversations about life, I thought - I want to write, just write - write about things that tickle my fancy, things that have made me weep with laughter, things that are sometimes so UN-PC that, that is what is funny. I want to write about the people that enter my life, sometimes, thankfully - very briefly, and the comments they make that can turn your morning, travelling to work on an overcrowded bus, just all the more brighter - the nuances of language and how, yes, it can be literally, lost in translation, and how, that can just bring a smile to your face when you least expect it.... 

I guess I am asking those that have looked at my blog for that "RA-RA Anti-ACC" rant to also realize that we (myself included) are not defined by our experience with them. There is so much more to us than that. To focus only on ACC is like pointing out the colour red in a landscape - it makes everything else, all the other colours, detriment to what the image is, as a whole. ACC can remain red - a rather fitting colour - but let's not neglect the other parts of who we have become: the blends, the hybrids, the combinations of colours/experiences that have made us the complete portrait of who we now are, and ..... lets stand proud in our colourfulness.

I'll go first.


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  2. We all know what assholes ACC are and that they will eventually give you grey hair and a heart attack if you keep them on your radar everyday. Be cool, be frivolous, write about the happy, the mundane, the sad, the surprising things you stumble over in life and how they made you feel.
    There is more to life, than banging our heads on immovable brick walls.


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