October 13, 2011

ACC Reading between the lines...

Received a reply from ACC. A letter that has so much blacked out data that what's left is bullshit. If anyone knows how to upload an email PDF attachment, I will put download the 'report' on here for all to see.. not that there is much to see - it's all black and white, literally 


  1. Go to the Ombudsman Jax - Official Information as I' sure the stuff blacked won't just be about individuals. Also the Privacy commissioner, then take caste to Human Rights Tribunal, or get report released in full by way ofCourt Order.

  2. interesting... hope someone can figure it out. Would be interesting to see what it has to say. Once I saw a car drive past that said ACC sucks! I cheered.

  3. Can't wait to read the BS. Just another glaring example of how the ACC SCU continue to duck for cover and how they will do anything to cover their own black and white rear ends


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