November 24, 2011

ACC: Sexual Abuse Claimants -Nothing but a PAIN IN THE ASS

You god damn pesky bloody sexual abuse claimants! 

Don't you realise how much of a pain in the ass you lot are?  We, at ACC, are a business. God damn it! We're an Insurance Company. That means, we get people to pay us money in the hope they never have to pay you! Now, look... we've been doing very well, thank you very much, getting all sorts of NZ companies paying us shit loads just in case some dick falls over his ladder and brakes his ankle, claiming the boss was a tosser and neglected basic safety regulations or some misguided midget takes an occupation at ......anything.... that's not the point.... we still got his tiny ass covered too! And, thank God for that! 

But we, at ACC, are getting mighty pissed off with you SCU BLUDGERS!

Look, we have lined our pockets on the proviso that no crap can slip through our cracks and, quite frankly, we don't give a shit what has slipped through yours! Sure, some hard nosed lesbians took to the streets some time back demanding crap - we forget what, was on the News but whatever... and yeah, then there was that butch blogger who thought she was a smart shit to talk crap about our Dr Peter Jansen.. yeah, then he sued her (HAHA) and then... yeah anyway, Jansen pulled out cause.. cause.. cause he don't like shit OKAY!

Look, the point is... we are sick and tired of you lot... we've had to BEND OVER backwards cause you dicks asked for US to be investigated... yeah right, for what? ... Falsifying some top notch University study? Look, we took what we needed (for your benefit) from that "Massey University" study and applied the god damn theory.... 16 hours counselling, no questions asked..... and no, we don't give a rat's ass what the other 99% of that report said or the fact that, what we did take, was way out of context, cause, we're a fucking business okay and we do what we god damn well want to and when you got people like, Nick Smith, in your back pocket... you people are shit, you got nada, nothing, no where to go, no where to run... and even if (LOL) you actually DID have something valid, like something ethical or moral like... we still won't give a shit cause it's election time and a whole new bunch of assholes will be employed with the same hope of climbing the corporate ladder.. in the meantime SCU dickshits...we will be so high up that ladder (just like Jesus Jansen) that even our shit won't stink!

Oh crap... did someone record that conversation?.. FFS, that was private, in a coffee bar.... whew!..... I'll just make a phone call... despite the police being "quiet" and no more new recruits in the foreseeable future... we'll just get a few dozen to put an injunction on that conversation and ... BOB'S YA UNCLE!


Dear Dickhead (aka, above post)

So you think we (sexual abuse survivors) are nothing more than ... times wasters yeah, nothing better to do with our lives than to make yours a misery, clambering over rights once had and now taken away and.. we should NOW be ever so grateful that you expect a full recovery from sexual abuse in a mere 16 counselling sessions... You have to be kidding me right? FFS, even YOU don't think that's feasible... how else could you possible explain, shafting even the 16 hours into a mere frigging four?????


Initial Support Sessions (4)

The first four hours of support are pre-approved and you can start these straight away without a purchase order number.

The first four hours of support need to be completed within 8 weeks and you need to submit the ACC5934a ‘Support Sessions Plan’ at the conclusion of these sessions. The plan is a brief report and can now be downloaded from by entering ACC5934a into the search function.

Some clients may choose to withdraw from the process after the initial four sessions. 



  1. PMSL. GEE YA THINK, is right! Are these sessions 'support sessions' or information gathering for ACC to deny your claim? As it again seems the counsellor has to spend the time they should be building a trusting therapeutic relationship allowing the claimant go at their own pace, collecting information for ACC. I thought the Independant Review was meant to have improved the service for claimants and now ACC are going back to it's brutal Jansen policies.

    Sometimes it takes a while until you find a therapist that you can work with. How does that figure in the 4 sessions when you do 2 with one therapist and then go to another? Also how long will people have to wait between the report and having counselling continued? This is sooo shocking. ACC, the sneaky bastards trying to pull this shit AGAIN!

  2. A Purchase order? Are you fucking kidding me? How fucking SENSITIVE is that for the SCU - Sensitive Claims Unit... what a fucking joke these people are!

  3. My daughter (after a horrifying court case is heard) will be needing this service ... Something nasty happened at her friends, involving a family member ... i wonder what 16 hours councelling will do for her? Is her abuse by the hands of an adult worth it? Will she even receive it? I wonder what she will be eligible for compared to what he will be get in way of `therapy` and help from our great Justice System in prison?? Victims should entitled to as much councelling as needed to be able to pick up and carry on with life in the most positive way after such a horrible event. Abuse is serious, it seems our politicians think of this as one of those jobs that doesn`t deserve the attention it desperally deserves ... I wonder how they would feel if one of their children, partners, siblings or friends or god forbid themselves one day have to try and live with

  4. Thanks Anon.... in short, if it ever happened to one if their children, the nation would change but then again, if I was one of "their" children, chances are, I wouldn't even speak out about it... why would you, when you know what they think anyhow....?

    In answer to your other question.....

    1) Something nasty happened at her friends, involving a family member, I wonder what 16 hours councelling will do for her? Is her abuse by the hands of an adult worth it?

    Firstly.... yes it is worth it. Even if there is no counselling, EVENTUALLY and with the help of awesome friends (perhaps not family at this point), a victim blooms into a survivor albeit, really fucked off with the world and willing to fight anyone at a moment's notice.. but it's still a fighting spirit nonetheless. That is what needs to be harvested, guided, loved and nourished... in order to truly bloom into survivor mode...

    Really, that is all that one asks from ACC counselling... a hand up - not a hand out.

    I just wished they realised that!!

  5. PPS..... let me know if your 16 year old wants to talk with others her own age.. for whatever, her choice... I will put you in touch. Much love. JB

  6. Things have improved A LOT with ACC. A purchase order is what the professionals use to claim for the counselling - it's not designed for the claimant's use. People shouldn't be scared to go to ACC for help. They're not all evil and lots of people have been helped and even had their lives saved. The problems lay with the government and ACC, not the therapists, and there have been bad experiences - but our protesting and the review has made a huge difference. We worked too hard to have it all dismissed now! Survivors should be encouraged to make the most of what we are so lucky to have in this country. No one else has an ACC system like ours that supports survivors towards recovery! Counselling is worth it. Be brave, do it, stick with it, make the most of it and recover. Please don't clobber me - I'm just adding a bit of balance. :)

  7. Yes, things had improved somewhat since the 16 hours were introduced however from the 28th November this year ACC is taking a step backwards and there will no longer be an automatic 16 hours but rather 4 hours. Sure makes it hard for the therapists only having 4 sessions to complete all that paper work when the sessions are meant to be "support sessions" rather than "questioning and information gathering" sessions. This will again see a drop in claimants accessing help or dropping out of therapy early due to the pressure to disclose before they have developed a trusting relationship with the therapist. But I guess this is really the point of the changes happening at the end of this month (to save money). Why else change it?

  8. It seems to me that sports injuries are taken more seriously in this country, than rape and sexual abuse.

  9. What happens if you spend the first 2 sessions with a counsellor who 'understands all about rape' because his daughter was raped? And then he lets you leave the building 1)in the dark and alone and 2)out the back door into a carpark with no lighting! This counsellor needs serious counselling himself!!!!!
    4 sessions is not enough time to fill in the ACC forms, especially if you have to build a relationship with a total stranger, tell them the most intimate details of a horrific event (that you haven't disclosed to ANYONE before).
    THEN they BLACKMAIL you into signing a Time Extension letter so they can gather more information because the DHB didn't send your complete notes. (Yes- Blackmail. Sign it and send it back by this date or your claim will be declined)
    THEN they send you for a Psychiatric Assessment with a total stranger who in the first 5 minutes with them wants to know the intimate details of your history as well. In the space of a hour or so they have to 'check the details' of your claim - to try to catch you out as a liar - so they can decline your claim. The whole time, her cellphone is going off because of a family emergency! Great for my already compromised concentration span.
    I'm very fortunate that the Adult Mental Health Team were just down the road because it took me almost an hour to calm myself enough to drive home and then once there it took me 5 weeks to leave my house because of the retraumatisation.
    But ACC doesn't care about any of this.
    We are numbers on paper.
    We are annoyances who should just 'Go Away!'
    We are the 'embarrassing relative' in the health care system who no-body really likes to talk about in case someone finds out that we aren't completely whole.


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