January 24, 2011

Burnt body death may have been honour killing

Police have named Ranjetta Sharma, 28, of South Auckland as the victim of a gruesome honour killing after her body was spotted burning by the side of Hangapipi Road, southwest of Huntly, about 10pm on Thursday. Interpol are working with authorities to track down her husband, who fled the country on Friday with their four-year-old son.

It's a no brainer really - the husband is not a suspect. He's the killer. Honour killings are something I fail to get my head around. I don't give a flying monkey that it's considered some other country's culture and who are we, in the so-called civilised West, to condemn another person's practice. It's not honourable. It's got to be one of the most cowardly patriarchal bullshit scams ever conceived. This isn't about religion. It's not even about a different culture. It's just plain senseless murder.

Honour killings are performed whenever a woman .... - right there, with that one word "woman", we already see a fucked up thought process created by men to control women. If this was all about honour and nothing else, then where are the male honour killings? In any event, killings such as these are generally performed when there is a dispute over a dowry or the woman has committed adultery. And the men who commit adultery, what happens to them? Nada! What a crock of shit. 

This woman was taken from her home on Thursday night, driven to a secluded bush area, and set alight. She was alive when an accelerant was poured over her naked body. Where the fuck is the honour in that? It's times like this that I wish "an eye for an eye" was the true form of justice. Set the spin-less husband on fire I say. 

Rest in peace Ranjetta. Rest in peace.

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