January 9, 2011

Family bonds - worth killing for?

Cris & Cru Kahui - unsolved murder
There is something fundamentally romantic about family members that "stick together." It must be - a majority of film screenwriters rely on the ripping a family apart and coming back together themes. As viewers, we relate to the isolation of an individual and then join in on that all important reunion when the outsider proudly walks back into the melee, shoulders squared, and mana to spare. Even the movie, last night, called Dream Girls, held that all important thread of family ties, the one thing that is, apparently, unbreakable. 

I revel in the notion of family support, love, and encouragement. Actually, to be really honest, I probably see the whole thing more as a fantasy than anything else because, if the truth be known, my family could do with a dose of loyalty - or even just a backbone. When the shit hits the fan, there are only two places to put yourself. For or against. There are no grey areas people, no middle of the road, diplomatic, bureaucratic, systematic, self-protecting centre positions. Full stop. 

And yet, that's where most people jostle to be - neither here nor there. 

There is nothing romantic about being surrounded by cowards. There's nothing even remotely 'family' about that, and in the case of the Kahui twins' murder, there is nothing even remotely legal about it. 

Don't even get me started on this hapu thing either - whereby some Maori families believe they are above and beyond the so-called white governing legalities of this country. Last I heard, slaughtering your own kids was still bloody well frowned upon even within Maori communities. It pisses me off to know the same people hiding behind hapu (anything State related) are also the ones seeking State funded legal advice to get them out of the shit and, as far as I am concerned, anyone, and I mean anyone, who knows something that could assist in solving a crime, any crime, AND does nothing ... is as guilty as the offender is. Simple. 

Just how many family members are behind this murder - all keeping quiet? And just how many even went out of their way, prior to the murders, to protect the parents now accused of the crime? Too many to list.They ought to be ashamed of themselves. There is no mana in protecting anyone who abuses/molests/kills our children. None whatsoever. 
"King [the twins' mother] could not account for the cell tower signal during Kahui's 2008 trial, but at the inquest last year said she had made a return trip to Mangere after being alerted that Wenzel, her sister's boss, had spotted them in a company vehicle and ordered them to go home and change cars." Police push to end Kahui deadlock | Stuff.co.nz
The twins' mother had an alibi for that evening - apparently. She wasn't even at home. But according to her cell phone records, she was in the area. Oh don't worry, just get your "Maori Life Coach" to cover up for you. Shame he forgot that it was his own cell phone, warning her to switch cars, that tipped Police off in the first place. Dumb ass. 

Still, it's not enough to convict. The murder of these two little boys remains one of New Zealand's unsolved crimes. Yeah right. It doesn't mean this lot is innocent. I just means that hapu is really tapu - an evil cover up

My views on family loyalty has changed. To me, I expect more from my family than I would from a mere acquaintance.That also means being more truthful, more moral, more decent - more honest. Otherwise, what is the point of calling yourself a "family"? You ain't nothing without any of those things.  

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