January 23, 2011

First strike warning after under age sex

What on earth happened to the 'carnal knowledge' law whereby, anyone (despite whether he lost his job and is living at his sisters and blah blah) caught having sex with a minor was illegal? Has the judicial system really gone completely mad? This is NOT a game of baseball we're playing here. Three strikes and you're out? 

What next? Batter up...? What a pathetic Judge! Makes you wonder, doesn't it -  what sentence would have been handed down if it were HIS daughter?

First strike warning after under age sex | Stuff.co.nz


  1. We all know that judges have lost the plot and this is just another in a whole line of head scratchers from them. Kids are going to experiment with sex anyway and it is whether they get caught or not that makes the difference.

  2. Oh what a bloody joke! Go be a predator and hook up with two more under-age girls before we will actually sentence you!!



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