April 14, 2011

Jansen: Law suit - hits Parliament

I had to start work at 9am this morning, bushy eyed and attentive.  You'd think that was the least an employer could ask right?


I got a few phone calls... please excuse me for being vague about who - I'm just really starting to understand the power of the "STFU" syndrome.

Needless to say.... my law suit was brought up in Parliament -the place to go when one is ignored.... 

Now ask me this, did I enjoy seeing Hon Tony Ryall being body slammed by something he knew nothing about.... by the looks of things.....No. But here's the thing... it's neither my problem or concern cause at the end of day, he should know... end of story. That's what he gets paid the big bucks for.

This unaccountability shit has become rife in Society. 

Did I like the way Carmel presented the body slam? Well, that's a little more difficult to answer on the basis I knew what she was about to do - with my full permission - and so, I guess the element of surprise was not there so, no, I wasn't that "surprised".

What did get me was the fact that there doesn't seem to be much accountability within an individual's portfolio.  If Ryall didn't know what Jansen was up to when why go hire him to set up a new commission of "sorts" on his behalf? 

This is a couchy job if ever you saw one and by all account none of us have - unlike some people, we all actually have to work for a living - legitimately. Still, it begs the question: How much faith can we have in these people when they go hire someone who goes on to "set them up" covering their ass in Parliament? 

I felt a "tad" uncomfortable seeing Ryall swirm in Parliament. Only cause I could see - bannered across his forehead, all glistening and neon like...."WTF is this chick talking about?".. In fact, at one point, he refers to Carmel as "He... She.." You can see the panic in his eyes.... 

So listen up ..... I am being taken to Court. Apparently, "ignorance is no defence." 

Well guess what? I put that same shit back on the Politicians who have blown sunshine out Jansen's ass.... "Ignorance is no defence." You did't know he was suing some sensitive claims client behind your backs? 

Tough... get in line... face the consequence...

Like I have been made to do. 


  1. One day you will learn such fine attributes, such as tact, diplomacy, fact and honesty. Sadly I feel that day may only come when you breathe your last breath.
    You havnt learnt from previous bitch-fests, arent learning from this or other current ones, and have no intention to learn in the future.
    You made your bed, now sleep in it!

  2. I agree Jax - I am in the same position as yourself - in a bit of a different way but it does relate to the very same issues re the sensitive claims unit and Dr Peter Jansen.

    From "RACHEL"

    Kia Kaha and go well, sending you strength and warmth and support 100%. I will be at any protest as well Jax

  3. Hey Rachel..... I hear you hun... loud and clear Mah.... Love you and miss you

  4. I feel another court case coming on - you can't defame people in the public domain and expect to get away with no reaction. The person you claimed wrote it - didn't. I did. Again you are accusing someone of crimes which they have not been proven guilty of. Get your facts correct Jax

  5. That is the last grand stand post you have here no Colin Peee...... you are banned. Take your agenda somewhere else. CU!

  6. Hey Jax - thanks heaps for your posting of support for me.

    Love you too and sending you heaps of aroha. Stand Tall, be proud and be strong my friend.

    The grand rise and fall of, in my honest opinion, Dr Jackass Jansen.

    And Dr Jan Reeves, your time is coming in reverse from other vulnerable claimants. May you Dr reeves along with your mate Dr Jackass Jansen, rot in hell because that's what you deserve. Send your lawyers onto me again if you want, but we are waiting for you to as well at our end.

  7. Hey dude, found this blog off stuff. Just wanted to say good luck and keep up the good work. What a ridiculous thing to happen eh?

  8. you go girl acc are a bunch or arse! they owe me help and money too!

  9. Riddle me this?what do you have to do to get heard by the Min Of Ed or whatever dept would handle it a case of sex abuse at Rongotai College in the sixties?

  10. Hey,

    I only heard about this when it came up in parliament, and can only say that "truth is an absoloute defence to defamation" and you seem to have truth on your side (not that there was anything defam If I were you, I would welcome the court proceedings, as it will simply provide another forum for this GOVT's shady agenda to be exposed. Good luck to you :)

  11. Love your blog. We need more like it! Im a fan :)

  12. Hi Jax, my name is Katie and I am a reporter for New Zealand Doctor newspaper. I would really like to speak with you about this - if you are interested please call me on 09 4884291. Thanks.

  13. I just heard on the news that Dr. Jansen is continuing with the legal action against Jax.

    Dr Jansen, if you are reading these comments then I have a clear message for you. If you know your profession and the vulnerable people you are dealing with, then you will understand the potential risks you are taking over your legal action and will thus withdraw it. Many abuse victims are hurting and are possibly suicidal. They are sometimes going to say things that may not be always appropriate because of their ongoing pain. I know because I have suffered the same pain as an abuse survivor. So that is a very understandable reaction. Your legal action in this context may be viewed as totally inappropriate and unprofessional. If your legal suit ends in a tragedy, then that will fall fair and squarely upon your own head.


  14. Regardless of the service you received from ACC, it seems morally wrong that you should have the right to hide behind anonymity while you throw stones at someone and expose their identity.
    You're are having an enormous effect on someone's life and livelihood. Is he really ruined your life in such a targeted and vicious way? Sounds like you've got a lot of emotional maturing to do and baggage to shed and more time and energy should be spent on becoming a more enlightened and self responsible person rather than expending energy into blame. Learn to let go, it'll help you move forward, counselling won't fix you, you need to take some responsibility for yourself. I think it's sad you're ruining someone elses life when the man probably is no more bad than we all are and can be. You sound like a very unforgiving person in general who holds on to shit becuase it keeps you in a position of being wronged and blaming others.
    And as for that poster at 5.54pm, of course the guy is going to take legal action he's not fricken god. He's being targeted viciously what's he supposed to do, wake up!

  15. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that those bureaucrats in ACC and Government are trying to play God. What I am simply pointing out is that the unprofessional way this whole issue is being handled could end in tragedy. Yes, what you see in some of these posts are pain and hurt from a lot of damaged people who are being further damaged by an incompetent service that is not geared to deal with such abused people who need ongoing support. They feel unforgiving and can you blame them! No!!!.

    ACC needs a complete revamp and given to an agency that can deal sympathetically with the complex issues that sexual abuse victims present. Not the crap they now have to endure through no fault of their own.

    I believe the suicide rate in New Zealand is going to hit sky-high because of present Government policies.

  16. Can't believe how people automatically jump on the side of the 'victim' and abuse the 'big corporate bully' - for God's sake people - Jansen and all the other Acc/CYPFS/WINZ/etc are working within systems that are fundamentally flawed. They are just as guilty for the systems not working as the people who voted for the politicians who put the systems in place.
    Instead ofjumping to the side of the 'wheel that squeaks loudest' and damning Jansen, how about everyone take stock of the situation from an unemotive, sensible point of view?????
    I don't doubt that you are hurting Jax. You are angry and your anger has taken on a life of its own that you need 'professional' help to get back into perspective. Is this blog helping you to find healing and peace or is it 'feeding the beast' and making your recovery take longer?
    I'm sure Jansen has things to answer for and I'm sure there are personality flaws that he needs professional help for too. (Don't we all at some point?)
    However, now that you have both backed each other into a corner, don't you think it's about time to start talking to each other rather than rant about each other to third parties.
    Now's the time to calm down, take a deep breath and start to think about ways to make this a better situation for everyone - including yourself, Jansen, other abuse/ACC victims.
    By perpetuating this bile you are helping no-one

  17. Lainey... thank you for your comments. I sincerely have taken then on board. There are various ways to react when you're being sued by someone in a position of power and others may choose one way, whereas I have chosen to not be bullied. It may be regarded as stubborn and pig headed by some and that's fine with me... it can also be seen as "enough is enough" of this bullying in Society and about time someone stood up to them.... don't forget, when I originally wrote my "offensive" blog, it was months ago and NO ONE COMMENTED.... it was just 15 mates talking to each other... the blog is what it is tofay due to the publicity of this case. Let's not loose site of facts here.

    Kind regards


  18. Where have all the comments gone? I sincerely hope your blog hasn't be 'moderated'. It's important people see what many have to say about this disgusting situation.

  19. Dear Anon (who wrote):

    "Riddle me this?what do you have to do to get heard by the Min Of Ed or whatever dept would handle it a case of sex abuse at Rongotai College in the sixties?

    First step is the Police. Get something official going in that regard. Contrary to popular belief, things have changed a lot with the Police and besides, there's always the IPCA if they screw things up.

    Second step is to find a reliable and trustworthy support group. There are a few links off to the side of my blog but if still have problems finding someone suitable, email me and I will put you contact with some lovely awesome people. (nz reporter@hotmail.com)

    Thirdly..... don't write about it on a blog. Actually, I take that back... you do what you need to do to make you feel better. You're number one.

    Last but not least, surround yourself with good supportive people. Keep your friends close but your enemies nearer. (I imagine with a situation such as yours that there would be a few people who'd like the whole saga forgotten, so just be careful.



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