April 18, 2011

Press Release from K1W1 (Jax)


  1. Appreciate your Press Release Jax - in more ways than way one.

    From me to you with love the following:-
    E rua tau ruru - Two years of wind and storm.
    E rua tau wehe - Two years when food is scarce.
    E rua tau mutu - Two years when crops fail.
    E Rua tau kai - Two years of abundant food.
    After long waiting, propsperity comes at last.
    Ano kia kaha e hoa.
    (Hope it makes sense know what the message is!!)

    And this:-
    "To secure ourselves against defeat
    lies in our own hands.
    But the opportunity of defeating the enemy
    Is provided by the enemy himself"
    The Art of War, Sun Tzu)


  2. Love the Dixie Chicks and LOVE their spirit - I see the same in you - go Jax :)

  3. Awesome press release Jax. Kia kaha
    Arohanui.....Rachel. :)

  4. I just wrote to the Dixie chicks..I understand this is about their own stand.... a comment made in Shepherd's Bush concert... (man, they went through the mill - just watched Doco about that) more power to them... still, if they don't like me using their music as a media release, I will be deleting this asap... keep you all posted.


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