April 21, 2011

Where for art thou Peter?

Where for art though Dr Jansen... you've gone all quiet since my legal firm jmlaw.co.nz/ contacted your lawyer on April 16th.... what's the guts?


  1. Or pray do tell.. has Nick Smith shown you "that" vote of "no confidence" document from your very own peers? Is that why you're so quiet? ... I tell you what... let's just see how this pans out eh?....

  2. In the words of Cameron Slater....NFWAB

  3. Good one Jax!
    And I'm not far behind you Jax...see what Pete has got to same soon aye Pete.... oh and Jan as well....

    No wonder Pete has gone silent..maybe some anxiety medication is in order for Pete....

    Have a good Easter Jax.

    With love, R.

  4. TY R..... you too, don't eat too many eggs.. in public.

  5. Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, where for art thou Romeo?? (Oooh that could be defamation).

  6. Don't panic....his defence would have to be that yes, he is Peter, but that pumpkins he does not eat... not does he knowth of anyoneth by the nameth of Romeo, allegedly... I think you may, however, be guilty of stuttering.. you did say his name twice..!

  7. It would have been less hassle and probably cheaper if, instead of suing you, he took out a full page ad in the Herald with a simple message like, "Hello, my name is Dr Peter Jansen, I am a complete prat IMHO." Still, this way he gets the message across to a wider audience. He must have consulted a PR firm.

  8. For all we know he's drinking copious amounts of whiskey thinking about his next plan. Or he's back in neverland drinking copious pints of milk crying cos he realises he never really grew up and he doesn't want to anyway. Unless he had his DSM-IV assessment. That would take a lot out of him. Talking about the trauma he went through over one tiny little acronym to some psychologist he doesn't know for 3 grueling hours sitting in a room being fired questions and doing a massive lot of testing papers. Stupid really.

  9. I am thinking that Dr Jansen should join the "SENSITIVE CLAIMS UNIT LEAVERS SUPPORT GROUP".

    There are a number of ex SCU staff who belong to this SCU Leavers Support Group. I am sure that that Dr Jackass Jansen (IMHO) would be a welcome addition to the SCU Leavers Support Group. They can then all commiserate together.

    But I am not sure if he will be entitled to wear one of the SENSITIVE CLAIMS UNIT 'TEE' SHIRTS with the following on the front of the tee shirt:


    He will be needing more that support soon!!


  10. NFWAB!!!

    I wouldn't hold your breathe re waiting for Jansen's lawyers to contact you. I am STILL waiting for Laws' lawyers...lol

    Happy Easter young lady!

  11. Dear Jax,

    I got linked here from JustAGirl.

    just wanted to say, hang in there. There are so many of us who want to see a better system - an effective one! - a for supporting people who have been through what you have.

    I'm not sure if you're aware of it but the term for what has happened in the media is the 'Streisand effect', described here

    Fight on.

  12. Hi Paul

    Yes I was passed the link to the "Streisand Effect" a few days ago. This certainly fits that category.

    It also "fits" into the overall bullying system within NZ, restricting a person's right to freedom of speech" and moreover.... defamation is only defamation if it isn't true.

    It will be interesting when (or if) ACC release their report findings on this and also how their statement may change once the six monthly report on the "SCU Review" is released... due some time this week.

    Kind regards

  13. Hi Jax,
    Just want to say you have my support as a survivor of both sexual abuse and ACC abuse. Kia Kaha girl!

  14. He's obviously monitoring the Trademe messageboards and having his lawyer, who is their lawyer, remove any threadd that tell the truth about him. The posters are being warned by Trademe Admin.

    Speak your truth and speak it well.
    Dr Jansen created the monster that will destroy him.
    We support you 100% Jax.


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