November 26, 2011

NZ Elections today

New Zealand elections today. So, how'd did everyone go - if at all? 

Like so many people standing in a claustrophobic voting booth, I would have been better off pinning 'the tail on a donkey.' Maybe I even did - the candidates all looked like a bunch of asses and everyone claims their shit don't stink. 

But today, of all days, is suppose to be the day us citizens can put things right. We can tick the box that says "this one, this person, they will do it, they will make the changes we all need." In the same nano-second, you're reminded of some back-peddling they did on some previous policy or some "no comment" when Journalists chased them down on some issue. 

This is the person I want to vote for:

  • Someone who will put a stop to millions being spent on insane studies (Nearly a million for pornography research)
  • Someone who will look at the insane justice system (convicted sex offenders get free, unlimited, counselling, while victims are restricted to 4 measly hours)
  • Someone who will not even consider giving hand outs to finance companies cause they screwed up
  • Someone who will implement a Bill that says those that do rip hard working people off, cannot keep their own million dollar houses while those that invested have to downscale
  • Someone who will see the value in a child - free education should be just that (free)
  • Someone who will lift NZ's children off that poverty line that puts us in the top 3 worldwide as useless shits
  • Someone who will take a real look at the judicial system that rewards perps with "good behaviour" while in incarceration. Why not let a "sentence" be a bloody sentence?
  • Someone who will look into why Government department employees can access company facilities to sue clients, then hide behind the fact they are suing as an individual in their own right 
  • Someone who doesn't think a business trip means putting booze, porn, and prostitutes on the tax payers account
The thing is, I can't find anyone on my voting paper that can cover even one of those issues. They are as corrupt as each other. May as well vote for the one whose honest enough about who he is...

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