May 11, 2011

Goldfish In A Bowl....

Letter from Denise Cosgrove - May 11, 10:36am

I appreciate you getting back to me so soon. (I’m also happy to keep in contact via email but I’m willing to talk with you at any time, if you wish). We’re gathering all the information on your claim file right now and it’ll be available to you shortly. You’ve asked for it to be sent to a PO Box, which we’re happy to do, but we’d prefer for you to pick up the file at your local ACC Branch. This way we can absolutely be sure you’ve got your information and that we’ve given it to the right person. Please let me know your thoughts on this.

I’ve also asked for the report on the review we undertook into ACC staff accessing your file to be given to you shortly. I have to let you know though that this may not arrive at the same time as your claim file. What I can tell you now - which you might be interested in knowing - is how we went about this review. We asked our Chief Internal Auditor to look thoroughly through our computer system to see who had accessed your claim file, and when, and to identify and examine any other possible non-computer system based access.

Please be assured, XXX, that my first concern is with you getting the necessary help you need from ACC. I’d like to see that set in motion as soon as possible and therefore want to offer you the ability to proceed immediately to a counsellor (or other sexual abuse professional) of your choice for 16 hours of ACC-funded treatment. This was the level of treatment recommended for you by the internal panel following your assessment. Please let me know if you wish to proceed with this and who you would like to use. In addition, we have assigned a senior team manager in the Sensitive Claims Unit to assist you. Her name is Selena XXX and her email is You can contact XXX on 04 816 6422, extension XXXX if you need to talk with her at any time.

And lastly - but perhaps most importantly - I do want to apologise to you. Having now had a chance to look into the management of your claim, I feel that ACC could have offered you a better level of service. In particular, it took too long to get the independent assessment completed and we should have kept in touch and followed up with you more often. I'm sorry that you find yourself in this situation with ACC, and I would welcome the opportunity to talk further with you about this and any other concerns you may have.

Kind Regards


  1. you go jax, show that bastard whos boss, good to see you sticking up for yourself.

  2. A very good and appropriate reply to Ms Cosgrove, who, at least publicly, usually defend poor service by her staff.

  3. I think you have em by the balls girl, ha ha! Nice letter.

  4. Further letters to the Minister:

    Dear Minister Smith,

    I read the statement in the media released by Dr. Peter Jansen last week stating he had no way of knowing that XXXXXXX was a Sensitive Claimant yet she sent a letter to many of us, including myself, last year [attached with this email]. As I recall Dr. Jansen also replied to her saying it would be forwarded to the media department.

    You will clearly see in the attached the email I received that Dr. Jansen’s name is also on it as he too received it. At the same time she also posted the letter on her blog and it remains there to this date.

    The blog link is here:

    As I understand other doctors contracted by the Sensitive Claims Unit to provide services under the guidance of Dr. Jansen have also sent letters claiming defamation and that they would sue the clamant if the comments weren’t taken down, on top of this attached email, I do find his comments to be disingenuous at best.

    However, I trust your investigation into any wrong doing included looking at Dr. Jansen’s email with relation to such communication between Dr. Jansen and Jax? Also any other email to anyone concerning Jax sent from Dr. Jansen’s work computer dating back to early May 2010?

    Alternatively, Dr. Jansen can easily clear this matter up by explaining how he got her full name from a ‘pseudonym’ and then how he got her address? Jax is in protected police care for a reason, and as such if a breach in her security exists I’m sure you will appreciate the need for her and those that care for her need to be able to ‘fix it’ to ensure her on-going safety in the future.

    Yours sincerely

  5. This is the WINZ privacy info.

    The information you give us may be compared with information held by Inland Revenue, the Ministry of Justice, the Department of Corrections, the New Zealand Customs Service, the Department of Internal Affairs, the Accident Compensation Corporation, Housing New Zealand Corporation, Ministry of Health and Immigration New Zealand. It may also be compared with social security information (for example, pension or benefit information) held by other governments (including Australia and the Netherlands).
    Under the Tax Administration Act 1994, if you have dependent children, the information you give us may be shared with Inland Revenue for the purpose of administering Working for Families Tax Credits. Inland Revenue may also:
    use the information for the purposes of child support, student loans and taxation
    disclose it to the Department of Labour, Statistics New Zealand, the Ministry of Justice, the Accident Compensation Corporation, and the Ministry of Education
    disclose your personal information to your partner.

    Letters have been sent to IRD, WINZ etc.... oending reply.

  6. Great response Jax. Jansen owes you more than an apology. I am more than happy to pay taxes for that man to collect the dole. An apology is NOT enough for what he has done.

  7. Hi Jax,

    The idea that you can develop a trust relationship after the attack on your freedom of speech is ludicrous.

    I am concerned about some other comments in the media that Denise Cosgrove has made.

    It would seem that if there are any other issues that blow up in the media that Ms Cosgrove may decide to quote exactly how much money ACC has spent on your rehabilitation, make comments about the type of treatment you recieve, and quite possibily use her position of employment to turn public opinion against you.

  8. Have you seen this?

    I did laugh when I heard Denise say this after a Review Report said they were rejecting to many claims......

    The general manager of claims management, Denise Cosgrove, said ACC was implementing recommendations from the review report which were expected to make improvements for claimants.

    "We can't automatically say that there will be fewer declines. We hope there will be fewer, we hope fewer will go to review and that fewer are overturned on review."

    Which is speak for "suck it up we don't give a crap and won't be changing anything".

    Afterall, the Independent Review Report into SCU last year found huge failings also and yet little has changed with implementing the recommendations from the report that Nick Smith promised would happen.

    Denise Consgrove sure is a piece of work.

    And then there is the way she uses "shame" as a weapon and breaches Privacy Laws in doing so.

    Let's not forget this letter to the Editor from her:

    SUNDAY STAR TIMES, 23 MAY 2010, Edition 1, Page 11.

    ACC and mental health

    YOUR ARTICLE ``Rape victim says ACC cut her lifeline'' (May 16) was misleading. The client, Danielle Martin, has had almost 300 counselling sessions and total support from ACC worth over $65,000. However, she has a range of mental health issues, some of which are separate from and predate those caused by the sexual abuse she experienced. But it is nearly impossible to separate out complex mental health issues and treat them separately. That's why we believe she would be better helped by a multi-disciplinary approach from a team able to deal with all of the issues. So we have worked with the Auckland District Health Board to find a place for her at Segar House. She will still be able to get counselling there. ACC has not cut off her lifeline; we have offered her a better one.

    Also, it was suggested this situation is connected to ACC's new clinical pathway for managing sexual abuse claims. Ms Martin's case predates the introduction of the pathway, and she is being managed under the old system. Lastly, it was suggested Ms Martin may be suicidal. If that is the case, the onus is on her counsellor or other treatment providers to put in place arrangements to secure her safety. There are set protocols for doing this that they will be well familiar with. The same applies to anyone a health professional feels may be considering self-harm.

    Denise Cosgrove General manager, Claims management, ACC #SRC#

    * The article didn't suggest she was being dealt with under the clinical pathway. It was understood she was being dealt with under the old system. - Editor

    Where does she get off releasing confidential information about a Sensitive Claimant to the public and what were the consequences for her in doing this?


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