May 18, 2011

Round & Round the Mulberry bush

Hi Denise

Further to my email a week ago, when I asked for you to email me to let me know whether my file had been sent, I have not received a reply. I was under the impression that this would take a few days and yet a week later, you are still yet to confirm having even sent it. 

I understand, from your previous email that you were concerned about that lack of service I received at ACC and I did regard your initial reply as an attempt to rectify those admitted concerns. 

I would like to add, therefore, that this is yet another unacceptable delay in basic communication.

  1. I would like my file sent to me. When will that be done?
  2. I want acknowledgment of my previous email. 
  3. I want a copy of the report handed to Dr Peter Jansen on May 6th (12 days ago) that stated there was an investigation into who had access to my files.
  4. I want an explanation into the delay of that report (number 3)

 Yours sincerely


  1. At least she took the trouble to vote on your current poll.

  2. You would think given the pickle they are in and the fact you only have a small file currently then photocoping it and sending it to you would be a quick task.... couple of days max.

    And as for that report..... well, that is already done (as Peter Jansen indicates) so that should of been in the post before your notes.

    What's with all this pissing about Denise? More covering ya arses shit again or trying to come up with some NICE spin to feed the media and Nick Smith AGAIN???


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