May 14, 2011

Reply to Denise Cosgrove - Part 1

Hi Denise

Thank you for your contact.

I would prefer my file be sent as requested, to my private PO Box. Can you let me know when you've sent it so I can, in return, email you to assure receipt. I understand that collating my entire file may take a few days.

However, and with regards to the 'report' ACC undertook into ACC staff accessing my file, I do not understand why this would take longer to provide. From my understanding, Dr Peter Jansen has this already. At least his Press Release on Friday eluded to this fact. I would therefore, suggest you perhaps get a copy of his copy and forward to me as a matter of urgency?  

May I say, at this point, that Dr Peter Jansen took his legal action on my as a personal citizen. My understanding of that meant, he distanced himself from ACC and was one of the 'reasons' why Dr Nick Smith, Minister of ACC, would not comment on the action.
The minister says he is unable to intervene, as its a matter between individuals before the court, but hopes that common sense prevails.
Please tell me then, why ACC thought to provide him with a copy of my file and whether or not it had been "unlawfully" accessed and, still made no effort whatsoever to contact me or provide me with the same information, and why (now) I have to wait for a copy? It does not make sense to me that, when it suits Dr Peter Jansen, he sues me as a private citizen in order to distance himself from ACC and then falls back on his position, within ACC, to access information into my concerns - and, moreover, why ACC provided it? 

How can I be assured ACC is protecting my privacy when a "private citizen" can access my files? 

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