May 5, 2011

Just so you know....

Thanks Anon 

...and don't worry, if I listened to the minority as opposed to the growing number of people on here (and those who have messaged me privately), who think I am not only doing the right thing for me, but for them also...I'd have crawled under my rock a long time ago. 

Different strokes for different folks I guess.

We all choose how to deal with child sex abuse. 

I've spent a long time doing the "victim" mentality which is to assume everyone knows what's best for me and God forbid, I tread on a few toes.... it just doesn't work for me and by all accounts, it doesn't seem to be working for a lot of people...

So I say this... if it works for you, keep doing it..... but have some respect for your sisters and brothers who continue to fight for the rights you might (one day) not only enjoy but depend upon.

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