July 22, 2010

Dear Anon - ACC Worker

Dear (Anon)  

…cough, cough…ahem…MW - yes we all know who you are.

I have not published your post because in short - it’s libel. My advice to you (once again) is to take legal advice if you truly believe your accusations are grounded. My Blog is not here for your personal malicious agenda.

On the other matter raised, I do not recommend you or whoever you claim is effected by sexual abuse to travel down the ACC route for counseling, help, or assistance. Even though you work at ACC, I really don’t think that would make one iota of difference, unfortunately. The sad fact is, even if you were to process a claim through ACC, it takes so much out of the applicant that sometimes, they end up in a worse state or just drop their claim – well, that IS the agenda behind ACC’s scheme, so I guess that is kind of working really.

I believe that L. Morrison at The Nutter’s Club gave you some ideas about seeking help through the Auckland services. There is also the obvious option of going private and, since more than 600 counselors nationwide have removed any affiliation with the ACC’s “method,” you stand a much better chance of finding someone genuine. You might like to consider going through WINZ. They have a disability allowance (I believe up to approximately $60 per week) for private counseling and, unlike ACC, you can choose who to see and there is complete confidentiality.

However, what does concern me is Peter Jansen (ACC) gave clear indications that ACC were actively “working with” other agencies to cater for those who either don’t qualify or just don’t want to be inhumanely “processed” by the current Clinical Pathways. We have only just applied for that information ourselves under the Official Information Act as he seems to suffer amnesia when being asked directly. We should know in a few weeks. What I find intriguing is, if an ACC employee doesn’t even know about these services then maybe our suspicions are correct - there are no other services, never were. Just another piece of bullshit thrown into the public arena as a knew jerk reaction to a “system” he imposed, no one endorsed, and every one hates.

Welcome to our world - your frustration at the lack of affordable options outside ACC is shared by thousands of women/men nationwide.

On a more personal note, I do not believe you just “stumbled across” my blog by accident. The two recent ‘friend’ additions to your Facebook page (Leah & Geoffrey) are a testament to your real intentions and theirs as well, I might add. Now, I have answered your questions on ACC, in case they are genuine, but I think you would be best advised to seek further answers elsewhere. Your rancid emails which attack me and my child, I can do well without.

And lastly, if you don’t like my blog – “Um…fuck off and don’t read it.” It really is that simple. 


  1. I have also asked for information under the OIA for the agencies ACC are currently working to fill the gaps from Peter Jansen though my information won't be back for about a month.

  2. In answer to your posts...

    Look, when you get a sister who ousted you from the family linking up with an ex-boyfriend who systematically abused you with his addiction to brothels, and other domestic violence shit and then, they link up with an ex-landlord (ACC employee) who seems to think I owe her for "sanitising" a garage when I didn't even own a car - well, you make your own assumptions about that lot. It ain't rocket science.

    She writes these desperado emails claiming I owe her thousands for ...????.... I rented her flat. I paid rent. I gave her notice. I left. That's it. She wants to sue me for dry cleaning a couch because there were dog hairs all over it. She fails to remember, one week before we left, we were asked by her to look after her THREE golden LONG haired retrievers while they went on holiday in our place...God forbid, I think one of them may have jumped on the fucking couch? She's lucky I didn't charge her for looking after them and now, she's pissed? The only thing pissing MW off is, in her attempt to play "victim" and take me to the tribunal over the "hairy couch issue", she failed to tell them she did not deposit my bond with the Tribunal and .. um, well, that's kind of illegal really. Gee, Opps.

    On the sexual abuse issue... I am so fucked off with this woman... how dare she sit there, many nights, taking the judgement that us survivors were just ripping off ACC and WHAT? She now wants MY fucking sympathy? You have got to be kidding me!

    You wrote a filthy emails to me telling me who the hell I was I to judge? Excuse me? I did't judge. YOU DID! Ironic isn't it... you saw me as nothing more than a rip-off artist and shit stirrer and now, here you are, (much against your grain) in the same fucking boat as the rest of us... well, I think THAT is called karma! Deal with it!

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