July 5, 2010

The Tortoise and the Hare

We all know the story and more importantly, the moral behind it - it was persistence that won over that flamboyant hare; a most unlikely win for something so small and slow moving but one nevertheless. 

I, personally, relate more to the hare. Forever running at top speed to get to wherever it is I should be going and becoming distracted along the way. It's not confidence at winning the race that makes me like this. I think it's more a case of trying to be the best at everything I attempt and leaving before someone finds a flaw. Well that's the logic behind it. It's not all gloom for hare-like people. We do have our positive side. Yes, we make the race somewhat more lively. The goal seemingly more possible, too easy in fact. That alone, I believe, makes others want to take up the challenge. And, we can draw a crowd - that can be a make or break the situation. 

I've never had terribly much respect for the old tortoise, it comes across as something so old and cumbersome. I fogged off its win on the basis that the hare merely became distracted along the way. So it kind of won by default really. 

However, I have recently met a tortoise, a real one. Someone who knows exactly how they got to be where they are, can pin-point with accurate precision just how they got to be in the position they're in and moreover, where "exactly" they're suppose to be going. She has the goal in mind and is extremely focused.  

I cannot name this person because their race is not over. They're still trying to out manoeuvre that sly old hare and from all accounts, it's taken this person a long, thought-provoking, time to get where they are. The last thing she needs is some impatient old hare  exposing the strategy behind her race. 

However, what I will say is..this person's research into ACC is phenomenal. All the facts are systematically aligned with irrefutable evidence. There are some 'ghost like' people behind the current ACC Clinical Pathway 'system' and they are about to exposed for who they "really" are. It truly is a scandal of national proportion - that alone makes me wonder how this 'system' was ever implemented in the first place, let alone by the people behind the scenes who enforced it. 

Today, I take my hat off to the tortoise. 

I look forward to the day when she crosses that finish line. I shall watch the surprise of the crowd, the New Zealand public, as they witness this seemingly loosing battle unfold before their eyes, and the undeniable evidence of what she has to say. No one will say - she won by default. She would have won by sheer tenacity, persistence, and unshakable passion. 


  1. Great blog! I think also the tortoise in this case with ACC is also MUCH wiser and MUCH more compassionate and thoughtful than the hare who was and is easily LEAD astray and has run ahead without REAL insight or knowledge of the course.


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