July 6, 2010

Dear Sarnz... from your brother

slain down from your lofty post
the leader of our clan
it's you that held the rains my sis
of our love filled gang
for what my darling sister.
I can not seem to grasp
for what my lovely sister
I ask of why you've passed
it seems my gracious sisters
been taking from my arms
I'm left lonely and still wanting
my super sister sarnz
I know that you can see me
caring for me still
from that place of where you are right now
that castle on the hill
that one that you described to me
in bed time stories told
how cool it was to have that sis
it never got too old
your aura has dispersed now sis
left you body fair
your spirits all that's left now sandz
and still I sense your near
seems that body you were gifted
wasn't such a find
but its ok my sister sandz
never should you mind
for your body was not you my sis
its our souls that are in twined
please wait for me my sister sandz
for when my body bleeds like yours
it's surplus to our needs
whilst in between the here and there
I'm looking for your lead
my sacred sister sandy sandz
I wish I could've proved
that brother that you looked out for
and kept that special smile
had made his mark within this realm
of where I now reside
without my sister sandy sandz
it wont be much the ride
the only thing we wait for now
my precious sister sand
is good old father time

Tony Boney

1 comment:

  1. A very moving poem Tony. Your sister was blessed to have a brother like you. Thanks for sharing. very brave, very inspiring.


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