July 14, 2010

Meltdown Mel

I thought we'd moved on from women being blamed for provoking rape but it seems as if Mel Gibson just didn't get the memo. In the following recording, he can be heard telling his soon-to-be ex-wife that she ought to change her boobs (again), claiming their too big and make her look like a Vegas hooker, not to mention the "green dress" that is just way too "provocative." 

If you get "raped by a bunch of niggers it will your fault."

Oddly enough, the majority of US mainstream media only picked up on that infamous N-word, claiming it's offensive to African-Americans - not the fact that it was one word in the  midst of some unadulterated misogynistic ranting. Would it have been better if Mel said just a bunch of men? How about we peel the onion skin back a little and reveal the underlining acid belief that if a woman dresses a certain way, no matter what colour or race, men will flock to rape her, and she will have asked for it? Isn't that the core message here and not some word that's been dragged through the mud and hung up to dry with some real nasty connotation attached? 

I can't believe that the new millennium still harbours such archaic caveman beliefs. 

If we can educate people to understand the connotations attached to the word nigger, then surely it's not a big ask for them to apply the same thinking to such sexist attitudes like women ask to be raped. I get tired of having to see women amend their ways; the way they dress, speak, talk, walk, and all because society thinks it's easier - God forbid, we demand the person applying the meaning behind a word or belief to change themselves. 


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