October 9, 2010

Danube toxic sludge - death toll rises

Incredible to think that two companies - yes, just two companies - (This chemical waste reservoire and BP) could be responsible for the two most horrific pollution accidents this Earth has ever had to endure. It never ceases to amaze me that a small handful of people have the power to ruin so many lives. 

And I am not just talking about people's lives here. What about the animals? This poor dog, caught in the sludge spewing out towards the Danube will, no doubt, be dead by the time anyone reads this. Rumour has it, this reservoire had toxic levels way above those allowed on an international level, according to Greenpeace. What is the point of these international guidelines if people don't give a stuff about following them? 

And now there are fresh concerns have emerged that toxins from the drying sludge could be spread through the air.

The death toll from the disaster rose to five on Friday as one of those injured died in hospital. Three people are still missing after the reservoir at an alumina plant in Ajka, western Hungary, burst.

BBC News - Danube toxic sludge fears calmed as death toll rises

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