October 31, 2010

"I'm sorry....I got caught."

A father is sentenced to 3 years, 4 months for sexually abusing his daughter over a 6 year period. With the mandatory "good behaviour," he is more than likely to be out and about in, say... 18 months. 

I remain flabbergasted by the justice system within New Zealand. Despite our country being close to the top of the international list for abusing children, we all still seem to shrug our shoulders when it's published - well, the Judges' sure do and as for Lawyers?  

Defence Counsel Steve Hembrow asked the man's "jail sentence not be crushing." Well, far be for the Judge to not adhere to the emotional well-being of child sex offenders as shown by the incredibly lenient sentence. 

What does it tell us when New Zealand's legal system can sentence someone to double that time for stealing a car? It says - cars are more valuable. 

Father made sex victim daughter pray for forgiveness | NATIONAL News


  1. I wish you had some other reactions displayed, such as "sick", "anger-provoking" and "right on, babe!"

  2. Oh man!!! sickening!!! pisses me off so much why do judges and lawyers not think of the sentence that he has given his daughter!!! WTF!!! Pisses me off big time!!! Hey I clicked on the link about father making the daughter pray for forgiveness!!! didn't work hun!!!


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