October 13, 2010

Marty Cooper - the inventor of the mobile phone

Meet the man who invented the mobile phone and lord, what an eyesore that thing is. I remember getting my first one - for work. After all, who on earth could afford one personally, right? I mean it cost over 2000-pounds at the time ($6,000) and came with a massive charger the size of a car battery which, unlike a car one only lasted a minutes on charge. 

The concept of the hand-held phone was Marty's brainchild, and with the help of his Motorola team, the first handset was born in 1973 weighing in at two kilos. 

"The battery lifetime was 20 minutes, but that wasn't really a big problem because you couldn't hold that phone up for that long." And we complain about what again?
BBC News - Meet Marty Cooper - the inventor of the mobile phone

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