October 8, 2010

Paul Henry - Most unpopular man in India

Paul Henry is the most loathed man in India right now following remarks he made about India's Chief Minister Shelia Dikshit. He persisted in pronouncing her name "as you see it" as opposed to the proper pronunciation of "Dixit".

The result was India calling for a governmental apology and a rethink on any potential trade agreements. 

Is this for real? I looked at the woman's name and pissed myself laughing. Then I noticed her surname was Dikshit - double whammy. For goodness sake, to not think something untoward about her name is like trying to not mention the elephant in the room. It's blatantly obvious. If someone was called Pooh or Arsewipe, would we all not wonder why the hell they haven't changed their name? I think Sheila owes a great deal of service to Paul. It's pretty bloody obvious no one else thought to mention this wee discrepancy with her. And I am pleased to see that 82% of viewers on Close Up (Current Affairs Programme) also thought the Government was a bunch of crawling weasels to have "officially apologised." 

As if that's not enough, people are now asking for Paul Henry to be sacked from his morning hosting programme. I don't think this will happen. Not because I think TVNZ reconsider his remarks as funny but because where else are they going to find an insomniac presenter who can pull in 1 million new viewers from India alone? It's Media folks. 

Some comments from various websites:

  • This has all been blown totally out of proportion. What Paul Henry said was wrong but so many people were also thinking it! Most of us would not deliberately hurt someone yet we all are prepared to watch movies that have violence in them. Paul Henry may have had 100's of complaints but lets not forget that THOUSANDS watch Breakfast in the morning because of Paul Henry (myself included) he is prepared to say what most of us only think. Yes sometimes he may take it too far but don't we all.
  • This is all getting way out of hand. Paul Henry is an egotistical, self-centred idiot who breaks the rules of being PC, but for another country's government to lay a complaint over it is going overboard. Heavily reprimand him yes, involve the government?, overkill.
  • The guy has always been a first class, self centred w**ker and utterly cringeworthy to watch/listen to. The fact that he is either cruel or unbelieveably insenstitive comes as no surprise. Can him now!

Media commentator calls for perspective on Paul Henry | NATIONAL News:

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  1. Paul Henry resigned from TVNZ amidst pressure...what a pussy arsed country New Zealand has become! Tangata, tangata, tangata - my ass. It's advertisers, advertisers, advertisers. It has set the benchmark for any person on TV - DO NOT laugh. Do not state the bloody obvious. Be a robot. Your personality as a host only matters when it makes ratings go up. Otherwise, you're screwed.

    Shame on TVNZ!


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