November 8, 2010

ACC refuses to comply with review

Accident Compensation, you make me sick! Yes folks, they're at it again... I can't believe it was only a week or so ago that I posted of another couple fighting, and winning, against ACC and now, here we got again. You know it doesn't sound that bad until you realise our population is only 4 million!

So here it is again that the survivor is the one that has to crawl through the gutter, do the usual complaint letters etc., before seeking a Lawyer. You see, ACC wanted her to go through ANOTHER assessment - we all know what those are for and some of us, know the real life stories behind some who perform them....burrrr! 

Yes, but the Court didn't say, give the client another assessment and then decide to reinstate your services. In Nike's infamous words, it said JUST DO IT!

But what did they try and do? Well pull a swifty, that's what - anything that would make those rape injuries, playing havoc with the stability of her mind, go into overdrive and push her under the nearest rock. Well good on her for giving ACC the finger. 

Goes to show, DESPITE a Review Panel. DESPITE those publicity shots of Nick Smith claiming to change things... what is really going on is more client shafting. There is almost an element of re-victimisation every time a sexual abuse victim has to go through another assessment ... yes, but that's what ACC rely on! 

ACC refuses to comply with review | "

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