November 9, 2010

Smith & Jansen - Lost in Space.

Good lord, look what I found - an old photo of Dr Peter Jansen and Nick Smith, back in the good old days when, lost in space, was just a harmless television show and not an actual ACC procedure. Amazing what Goggle pops up with these days but... seriously... this does explain a few quirky features of our infamous tax-funded-insurance company.

For example, whatever happened to that infamous Review? For those not in the know, in June 2010, submissions were asked from about everyone on the planet on just how we could get these two plonkers to come back down to earth and help clients unfortunate enough to be "processed" through SCU. 

Now, many fine-minded earthlings made over a dozen mighty fine suggestions and one, thus far, has been implemented - the reinstatement of 16 counselling sessions for those suffering from sexual abuse. (Holds hand up to ward off all those still yet to see that happen!)

Now, okay, Nick Smith (pic: right) did say, back in September and in front of cameras - albeit blushing like a shafted raccoon - that he was setting up some 'group' of peoples unknown to implement the other changes and that he would, kind of, let us know who they were in "due course." Well now we know. He's actually running the ACC reviews like that derelict spaceship many moons ago -all thrust and no throttle.

Oh come on Nick, show us the Daleks you've got working on this review... we know they exist. There's been a very unusual manufacturing surge in silver coloured latex jumpsuits, so something is up! 

And just out of curiosity, would one of those people, in charge of implementing those "improvements" be the same Dr John Collier who is  ACC's "preferred" contracted Independent Psychiatrist and one appointed initially to assist in "exiting clients from the system"? Hey, I'm just asking, that's all....

June 2010:

Sept 2010:


  1. Daleks were a little open in their ambition to destroy... I think the ACC version will be more surreptitious.

  2. Very true Castorgirl.

    I also note that Daleks were useless at walking up stairs too whereas these two don't mind flying that infamous 'stairway to heaven' so maybe, just maybe, (don't quote me on this) they might be two separate entities. Watch this....(lost in) space.

  3. Wow, interesting!! I wonder who this monitioring group actually are?! You would hope someone from that Independant Review Team would be included to ensure their excellent recommendations are all implemented in a timely matter as Nick Smith announced they would be in September. Dr. Collier??? God help us if that is true!!

  4. 35572 (2010). Lynne Pillay to the Minister for ACC (09 Nov 2010): Has a monitoring group been appointed to oversee the implementation of the Independent Review Panel’s Recommendation for the Sensitive Claims Unit and if so when and who are the members, what payments will be made to them and what are their terms of reference?
    Hon Dr Nick Smith (Minister for ACC) replied: Reply due: 17 Nov 2010


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