November 13, 2010

Lynne Pillay tightens grip on Weasel

Lynne Pillay
Bless her heart... she's at it again folks. Just when you thought the ACC Review was all but done and dusted, if not shoved under the Weasel's bed (Minister for ACC), along comes this sweet little lady to yank his bits back into action. 

Standing in 'House,' she asked the following:

"Has a monitoring group been appointed to oversee the implementation of the Independent Review Panel’s Recommendation for the Sensitive Claims Unit and if so when and who are the members, what payments will be made to them and what are their terms of reference?"

Let me translate: Where's this group you bragged about? Who the fork are these people and how much you paying them?  Now, these don't seem like hard questions to the average Joe Blogs but, apparently, Nick Smith needs some time to think about this one. Um, not that he hasn't had any time. It's been quite a while since the whole ACC SCU was exposed as a crock of shit, a little less time for some officials to come in, take a look around, and agree - yep, it's a crock of shit, and a while since those same "officials" made some sound recommendations. It really is procrastination in the extreme. 

Nick Smith is "expected" to reply by 17 Nov 2010. My money is on more dodgy political wrangling - there's no way he'd actually come up with an answer on this. Gee, guess we'll just have to wait and see huh? (Pulls up lazy-boy chair, orders a month's supply of chips and dip)


  1. I think it was a written question to the Minister hun, hence the time in which to respond. Maybe, she will ask more in the House once they hear back from the Minister!! Hope so anyway! LOL

  2. It's normal for written questions to take a while to be answered, but Smith would have to have a very good reason not to come back by the expected date. The only problem is that his answer might be plain unhelpful. He might say the decisions are yet to be made or that the information is contained in a particular document, which we would then have to track down.
    Oral questions are slightly different - they are asked and answered in the House and have a faster turnaround. My guess is that this issue just isn't mainstream enough. :(
    I try to publish all relevant oral and written Parliamentary questions on my blog, so feel free to visit. :)

  3. I do really like Lynne Pillay. She has a true gentlness about her which is so rare in politicians. Must be the nurse in her! Shame she is leaving at the end of this term in office.

  4. As promised:


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