November 30, 2010

New neighbours

I have moved and with that, comes new neighbours. Now, these ones aren't your usual neighbours - they rarely are, right? No, these ones are pigeons. I knew a Frenchman once who referred to these little critters as "rats of the sky" and ever since then, I have not thought too fondly of them either - until now, that is. Maybe it's because I have no choice to see them differently, especially as they perch right outside my kitchen window most evenings and gather, right on sunrise, for a communal chat. Noisy little shits! I haven't named them yet. Doesn't seem right especially as I haven't quite made that universal jump into telling them who I am - but they know I am here. 

Last night, I walked around the back of my large apartment block which is where these birds also live. I could hear them before I saw them... it sounded like a mammoth gathering yet no one knew who the guest speaker was: "Who who?...Who who?" As soon as I ventured around the corner, in full sight, the cluster of birds all shut up shop, clumped together like statues - only their eyes moved, following my direction. They were sussing me out. Was I going to do what others have done - turn the hose on them, have a major tourettes moment, and tell them to all bugger off?  I know I have been advised to do this. No one seems to like these birds very much but I aren't like most people. I can't put these birds into a pest category simply cause there are a lot of them and they pooh randomly and always without remorse. I might change my mind after living here for a while, when I can no longer see outside my window due to their ablutionary habits and constant amnesia - who, who?...who, who?

For now (looks at calender),  they seem sweet and adorable - not in a "let's take one home" kind of way but as in a close encounter with a wild animal from a distance kind of thing. If you get my drift. I'll keep you posted...humm, that one definitely looks like he could be an "Arthur".


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