December 14, 2010

Abusing sexual abuse...?

You all know me by now. Someone accused of sexual abuse and there I am, banner in hand, calling for someone's willy to be chopped.  However, my skepticism of US policy far exceeds that fear. 

How convenient is it to suddenly have these "sexual assault" charges made against a man whose exposed International bullshit that we never knew about? 

I mean, these people in power (that you and I pay for) are apparently doing shit behind our backs. Don't we have a right to know, to hold them accountable? Don't we want to know why "Joe Bloggs" is so fucked off he feels determined to blow something or someone up? How do we know it's not because of one of the many "leaked" documents exposing a "certain" Government? Okay, it's a little far fetched for good old anti-nuke New Zealand, but (last I heard, this is our planet too right?) and if some Government, somewhere, is screwing with people who have the passion and determination to make my life and that of my child a frigging misery, don't I have the  right to know why?

What is so wrong with transparency? 

I live by one simple rule: If you can't do it in front of me, you shouldn't be doing it at all. 

John Pilger, a much respected Australia journalist said: "They (the powers that be) have read our emails for such a long time. Isn't it time, we read theirs?" And he makes a bloody valid point. 

WikiLeaks founder still committed |


  1. So, are you saying that the two independent sexual abuse charges against him are part of a conspiracy? The government - of another country -is forcing two women to perjure themselves?

    Bit of a stretch, even for a liberal like you, isn't it?

  2. Well it does make you wonder especially when Sweden openly agrees to have him extradited to the States - what's those "charges" got to do with the States anyhow?

    If he committed those crimes in Sweden, take him to Sweden, have a trial etc. Let those women have their day in Court without the States ambushing the entire process.

    But Sweden throwing in the wee add-on of extradition to the States sabotages the women's chances of a trial... and we all know what happens to "suspects" when they fall into the hands of the American Government.

    There are still innocent men and women rotting in Guatemala bay in Cuba.

  3. The old proverbial rotten apple in the barrel trick huh? We all know the American government is the world's bully boy, they deem it their right to dictate how the world moves, in what direction and when, at the financial detriment and well being of its own people. Those leaked documents are just the tip of the iceberg of what shenanigans they get up to that the people don't know about.
    Why isn't their a hue and cry about the person who leaked the documents. Poor old Julian is the scapegoat they want to scrape the egg off their faces with, so I hope the pommy gummint protect him well. The sexual charges are a wrought, I believe his mama, she looked to be a straight up chick.

  4. Hey Anonymous don't you think its a bit odd that all of a sudden a "so-called perp" (which doubt in this case to be true) suddenly gets a 240,000pounds bail...when Bert Potter got - what I dunno few years!!! And this guy supposedly abuse 2 women????? think about it!!! don't usually see perps getting this much media attention. Go have a read in the Gaurdian Uk website and then comment.

  5. This is smelling very fishy!!! What the heck... chaos being created! Smells like the Illuminati to me!!! Just another side to love!! Have a read of this:

  6. Very interesting Blog that Bluebutterfly.

  7. Vaguely interesting article postulating the usual conspiracy theory, until I got to the bit "The staged 9/11 attacks", which verified my suspicions where the author was coming from. Naturally, I didn't bother reading any further...

    Ok, I lied - I actually skipped to the bottom and found "As long as there’s a confused and uninformed populace...", which of course, the article itself confirms.

  8. Mmmmm!!! what to believe and what not to believe, I've done a lot of reading on the 9/11 attacks and see photos of explosions happening further down the towers before the planes actually hit!!! I think I am more inclined to believe what I can see than read what's in the media. I wonder who actually controls the media, I've read who owns alot of the media, TV and studios and it all points to one group..."the Illuminati" booom.booom! bo-boom!!! I googled all the presidents and the top 10 richest in the world and they all have a connection to the illuminati - its frightening. I've watched a 3 and half hour dvd on all this, with its history and what has happened in the world and why some things have happened and what continues to happen. This story that Jax has written about is a conspiracy I reckon. I haven't read the whole the thing yet but a friend has and apparently the states have infiltrated paypal etc to stop any money going to Julian...its a big have!!! There is soooooooo much we really don't know about but doesn't hurt to read all about it and be aware and keep watch on whats happening. I dare you to look into's very interesting... Start here...

  9. Anonymous wrote...

    "So, are you saying that the two independent sexual abuse charges against him are part of a conspiracy? The government - of another country -is forcing two women to perjure themselves?"

    I don't know what Jax thinks, but I'd say there would be no force involved as it's the easiest thing in the world to buy off two women (or two men if you prefer) to testify against someone who you're trying to cut off at the knees. Money buys anything in this world, from the very good to the very evil, and people are arguably more easily corrupted by the promise of big dollars than by anything else.

    As for conspiracies, one would need to be very simple-minded not to realise that conspiracies
    abound. The Oxford dictionary defines conspiracy as "a secret plan to carry out an illegal or harmful act, especially with political motivation. A plot".
    I think the definition should also say that 2-3 or more people need to be involved for it to be called a conspiracy.

    Throughout history we can find numerous examples of conspiracies, mainly political ones, but conspiracies or plots also occur at community and village levels and even at the level of large families. There are a number of examples of these too in the documented history of humanity.

    In the past 25 years the mainstream media have used the words 'conspiracy' and 'emotive' to belittle a person's views on an issue or event. Following the media's lead, and in true sheeplike fashion, unthinking people everywhere have adopted the same approach when they wish to denigrate or destroy someone else's argument.

    In an insular society like we have in NZ we are all required to conform, to think in the same narrow circumscribed way if we want to be accepted. Dare to be different, dare to think a little outside the square and we're at once belittled or ostracised by the herd.

    And it's the rather ignorant, rather shallow herd mentality we're up against when we try to put forward a different viewpoint. That's why whistle blowers get punished, they rock the boat and make those in power, and the herd they control, feel uncomfortable - and there's a price to be paid for doing that.

    But back to Assange. To me this is a frame up, a beat up, a rort, a conspiracy to bring this courageous man to his knees, as punishment for revealing the dark underbelly of politics and corporations. It's been done to others too, quite often by a government in power bringing sex charges against an opposition leader who is gaining too many fans. It's really quite an old trick.... stain, stigmatise, charge, imprison. It's more subtle and possibly more effective than straight out assassination of a whistle blower.
    And all the while the unspoken message is going out to the people 'Take care, take note, if you do this sort of thing, your fate will be similar'. Nothing like that, is there, to tighten and strengthen your power and control over the masses.


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