April 24, 2010

Innovative fundraising

A New Zealand radio station 'The Rock FM' decided to build a car that is part Ford, part Holden. Initially it was to churn their caller's arguing over which model car was better. After three months of taking the best "bits" from both models, totalling over 800 man hours, more than two dozen businesses, and upwards of seventy tradespeople, the Rock created the infamous 'Folden." 

Now, with the hard work over, 'The Rock' radio hosts, Robert Taylor and Jono Pryor, decided to auction to car on TradeMe and donate the winning bid to the 'Out of the Blue' campaign and 'The Nutter's Club' both groups dedicated to supporting people through depression. 

The Folden is front half 1969 Ford Mustang, back half HQ Holden, the paint job is gun metal grey with orange racing stripes, Foose Coronet mag wheels and powered by a 302ci Ford engine. 
The current bid, at time of writing, is $96,700 - an awesome effort. The auction is due to close on May 6th. If you would like to view the auction, please click on link below. 

Good luck guys and well done!


  1. Real nice...great to see that promo's and great charity causes can work together :)

  2. Good on the Rock boys... great charity work.

    I just can't believe they chopped a pony :(


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