April 24, 2010

We Are One


"Hey everyone! It truly HAS been a long time this time round. I split off for a while there to put together the band Airspace, that has now been retired for me to now focus on MY music. I have got a few BIG releases coming out this year so keep an eye out on this MySpace for updates. Exciting times ahead and looking forward to reconnecting with you all!!" 

A Kiwi song dedicated to New Zealand and the All Blacks is gaining popularity online.The song, called We Are One, by New Zealand artist Franko debuted on radio at 5.15pm yesterday.

On his YouTube page, Franko said the song was written for "you and the All Black's 2011 Rugby World Cup Campaign". Franko is inviting New Zealanders to get involved by sending him video recordings of themselves singing the chorus of his song. The footage would be incorporated into a music video for the song.

"What I want you to do is film yourself singing along to the chorus of "We are One" and upload it to YouTube. "If you do this you will be incorporated into the music video for "We are One" in collage [sic] of as many New Zealander's as we can get singing along," he said on the site.

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