April 24, 2010

Wine labels by Jo Anderson


Why is that you have wine labels on bottles of wine with descriptions that may say something along the lines of (a delightfully alive luscious wine with a crisp clean finish. Fabulous with chicken and fish. Serve chilled and enjoy with your friends). 

Why not be upfront and honest and say something along the line of ( O for awesome wine definately capable of getting you on your arse, inspiring drop to stimulate the brain cells, making you feel you are able to take on the world and deal with any/everything that is in your path. Fabulous with or without food, great with cigarettes. Serve chilled or unchilled and enjoy with yourself or with friends.


  1. I agree there are times when I pick up a bottle of wine after work because of my hectic day and don't have time to read the labels. All I want is a bottle of wine that is drinkable, is in a bottle and compliments cigarettes. Lol

  2. Another suggestion would be - Great wine for Nigel No Mates....you don't need friends to enjoy this drop...

  3. The only "labels" I read are the price and alcohol content. Seems to work ok.


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