August 30, 2010

You want fries with that gravy train Jansen?

Dr Peter Jansen - head of the Sensitive Claims Unit (SCU) at ACC, recently asked and received $650,000 from the NZ Health Research Council (HRC) to look into the "Maori Experiences of Health Services."  

The project was supported "in part" by HRC. The other parties, the Ministry of Health and ACC also contributed financially although getting figures from them is like asking for a claim to be date stamped in SCU - nothing doing. 

Now before we go ripping our undies, the research seems to be for the good of New Zealand's indigenous people so, let's run with it .. for now. So, what are they needing to know that cost "in part" over half a million dollars? Well, they want to 
"...understand the expectations, preferences and experiences of Māori consumers of health and disability services that prevent the optimal use of services, through analysing existing information on health service use and surveying Māori consumers." 
In other words, are we shafting our Māori "consumers"?

The first thing I'd really like to say is.. thank God Jansen isn't advocating for higher education because it just don't take no genius to figure out the service, for anyone, irrespective of race, is crap. He'd have been better served taking some Māori... (I was going to say consumer but that presupposes she actually got some service)... some Māori chick, trying to get a sensitive claim processed, out for a latte to see what she thinks. Guaranteed: ten bucks at the most and he would have had so much research shoved in his face, he'd have been crying all the way to Nick Smith's ministerial car. 

But let's not be hasty... I mean, at $650,000, maybe he got some real good shit? Let's have a wee gander....

One of the objectives of the report was to "recognise the barriers to optimal use of health and disability services by Māori." Unsurprisingly, one of the main "issues" was cost - the consultation and prescription costs; loss of wages due to time off (oh, a red light for ACC here!); and the questioning of "value for money" when visiting a GP. Well bugger me! Darn those pesty Māori consumers! Fancy coming up with the blatantly obvious! Let's hope no smart arse blogger catches on to the fact that we've gone paid all this money for crap.

Moving swiftly along...

Oh... a neat wee graph with lots of stuff. Apparently, 48% of whoever the hell they asked, reported an "overall satisfaction" with their health provider. That's nice. Well, it's crap actually cause 52% must think they suck but I am sure that's not important right now. Oh look, 75% said "they respected the respondent's culture and belief" while 58% said "they explained things well." Oh that's good. Nice to know that the absolute child-like basics are being covered at this point. I mean, I'd hate to think these 'health providers' were charging those horrendous fees and didn't know what the fork they were doing... you know, it's research like this that just makes my heart go all...fuzzy. 

Oddly enough, ACC was classed as "non applicable" when it came to:

  • able to get a suitable appointment time
  • seen on time
  • spent enough time with the respondent
  • said respondent's name properly 

Pffttt... oh come on you lot... it's not like that shit is important. Who gives a toss if someones name is said wrong? This is a very expensive research and conducted by people with shit loads of initials after their name so it must be legit.  It economical. And I know, some of your "out there" are kind of thinking... wow, that Jansen eh, he's one hell of a dude. Imagine turning down all those Sensitive Claims AND finding the time to spend tax payers money to do this sort of research. I mean the man has talent.



  1. What is even worse Jax and quite important to point out to people is there is NO Maori representation in the new ACC Sensitive Claims Pathway and Jansen has NO idea how to include or add this in. Maori are up in arms about his HUGE oversight. Now this comes on the back of the above research, so you tell me... was that good value for money? I bet a lot of Maori would strongly disagree.

  2. GRM, Peter Jansen has acid-bathed his history and now his idealogy in respect to Maori health. Greed has made internally colonised - now he is whiter then white.

  3. You cannot even begin to call this moron a Doctor any more. "JACKASS JANSEN" is a far more apt name.


  4. This guy is something else. Not only should he be disbarred, but the only way in which I can label this man of dubious distinction is as - "Jackass Jansen". A total creep - much like his mates Dr Felicity Good-year-Smith et al.


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