August 26, 2010

Former MP, commissioner sentenced for fraud

Riddle me this folks.... would you have only received 300 hours community service if YOU ripped off thousands of dollars from  charities? Oh please... you'd have been carted off to jail quick smart. Unless... of course... you're a former National MP and Children's Commissioner Roger McClay, in which case, you'd get a wee smack on the hand and a sentence of "300 hours community service." 

Prior to his wee little knack of pinching dosh from the likes of World Vision, McClay held a position as the New Zealand Children's Commissioner. In this role, he advocated for the interests, rights and welfare of children aged 0-18 in New Zealand. In addition, he monitored and assessed care and protection and youth justice services provided under the Children, Young People and Their Families Act.

What was he really doing all that time; figuring out where the loopholes were in the finances of these charities just so he could line his own pocket? I mean, aside from the fact that he was in such a "trustworthy" position and then went on to rip those people off, what's with the 300 hours community service? New Zealand's judicial system has gone completely mad!

Former MP, commissioner sentenced for fraud |

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that was weird. Seems "MONEY" (even if it belongs to a charity) and "POWER" can buy you freedom. Armed robbers need to wake up to the fact they are better off selling from POOR people or charites. Apprently, they matter a lot less.


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