August 26, 2010

ACC - Ass about face

Yeah right, I know. We should be grateful. ACC have now reversed their decision and will allow "new/existing claimants" 16 hours counselling. You know I should be thankful really shouldn't I? But you know what, I just can't find it in me... You can't tell me that the Review Panel showed ANYTHING to Nick Smith that he hadn't seen before - least, you'd better not say that cause that would only mean, as the Minister of ACC, dropped the ball, didn't he? 

So yeah, he knew everything that was presented... so why now does he take the "deer in headlight" stance over this? You know what, if that ruddy halo of his slips any further, I swear to God he'll choke! 

So no, I am NOT going to say, oh thank you very much Mr Smith, oh how gracious and kind you are... I'm going to remind him of the "too little, too late" for those women who committed suicide over this and yes, I said that infamous "Suicide" word, the one that the mainstream media are not allowed to say - what's with that?

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  1. Well ACC don't actually think they have done anything wrong Jax. Of course, it's only the delays in people being assessed that is the problem for them, and not the whole DSM-IV diagnosis in the first place or the IGNORING of the Massey Clinical Guidelines that they commissioned. Oh yeah, and then there is the ignoring of the Professional bodies who have also expressed concern to ACC and Minister Smith plus the Individuals and families that have been suffering and like you said, the suicides etc.


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