August 4, 2010

Come on!!!!!!

I am feeling a little antsy... tonight's news is dominated by Lieutenant Tim O'Donnell, 28... killed in Afghanistan while... I dunno, doing some American bullshit. And don’t even get me started on Arabs and what shit they’ve cause the “world.” We are New Zealanders and this bloody well ain’t out fight. Yet, here we are, as always under Colonial rule, sending OUR boys and girls to be slaughtered for some issue that will NEVER benefit New Zealand. And what the fuck is with TV One?  They showed a table depicting which country had lost the most citizens - this isn’t a fucking Olympic Gold’s table! Tim was/is a New Zealander. One of US! Bring our boys and girls home, I say – let those fighting over oil throw sand into the face of those who have more. Stop being so bloody colonized New Zealand!

Years ago, there was this saying “Don’t leave home till you’ve seen the country.” It was designed to get New Zealanders to look inward, at home, see the beauty this country offered before thinking you could get that shit overseas. So what, it was kind of okay to portray that inward thinking when it came to lining one’s own tourist industry and not for saving one of it’s own?

I remember once a country… first place to give women the vote. First ever country to become anti-nuke. What a proud time that was…. We “actually” stood for something!

The shame is not that this young man’s died but that he merely joined “others.”

New Zealanders used to stand “apart” from then world. Cause that what’s it meant to be a KIWI.

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