August 26, 2010

Store intruder was killer driver

Let me see if I have this right....

A burglar who died while wrestling with a pharmacist in the man's store was a convicted killer driver with an extensive criminal history. Bruce Allan Jones, 43, died from a suspected heart attack after confronting Mt Albert pharmacist Grant Gillard early on Tuesday.
Mr Gillard was securing his premises after being called to a break-in at the New North Rd property, which he and his wife Vera have owned since 1969. He encountered Jones as he was locking up, and a scuffle ensued.
Jones' criminal record includes a 30-month sentence in 2003 for causing a fatal car crash while high on cannabis, methadone and tranquillisers.
First of all, why is there even a question about whether or not charges are to be laid against the pharmacist Mr Gillard? Is it a crime in New Zealand to defend yourself against an intruder? If that's the case, Mr Gillard would have been better off just grabbing his coat and leaving the front door ajar as he left. Oh no, hang on.. he might have then been arrested for some public nuisance/negligence charge... Secondly, this Jones character, high on drugs, kills another motorists while driving and gets what? ...A 30 month sentence-probably got out in two thirds of that time if he did some tax-paid-for-soul-searching stuff. Unbelievable New Zealand. 
Store intruder was killer driver - National - NZ Herald News: "No charges have been been laid against Mr Gillard, and his lawyer Richard Earwaker last night said they were waiting for police to complete their inquiries."

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