August 29, 2010

ACC Researcher - also convicted paedophile's wife

I kid you not.  ACC hired the wife of a convicted child sex offender to advise them on how best to counsel sexually abused clients - aka Felicity Goodyear-Smith. 

Look, I know some of you will probably think, so what, it was her husband that was a criminal not her... but hold your horses folks cause this double-barrelled sick pot goes even further. 

First of all, she is the founder of a support group for men accused of sex crimes, and has acted for them in the courts and the media over the past 16 years.  Goodyear-Smith defends men accused of child rape by means of False Memory Syndrome...yep, that's right folks, child rape, assault, whatever you want to call it, just does not happen. It's all just silly little ideas that some sad person has put into our heads. And um, who runs this wee group? Why it's none other than the Potty ...opps, I mean Potter family and who exactly are these people?

Well there's 'Pop' - good old Father-in-law - convicted sex offender, Centerpoint 'talent scout,' member of the same wee group previously mentioned, and an advocate for 'sex with kids don't hurt em' kind of mentality. Then there is Goodyear-Smith's hubby - eager to step into his father's shoes, he too screwed around with some kids and got a conviction only he went one better than pops and went on to marry someone to hide behind. 

Oh but what would a family be without close friends? I mean, even kiddy-fiddlers like to socialise right? ...drum role... enter, friends Susanne Brighouse, who was jointly charged with former husband Dave Mendelssohn of sexual offending. They now live at the same Albany address as Goodyear-Smith and her husband (well blow me down!) and is also sporadically hired on a casual basis as her research assistant at Auckland University (and ACC). What fantastically enlightening dinner parties they must have!
Says a senior police officer involved in the Centrepoint investigation: "We always regarded Goodyear-Smith as an apologist for paedophiles." (Goodyear-Smith was charged with perjury in 1992; she writes that she was acquitted.)"
And how does ACC respond to this? Why they hire Goodyear-Smith of course...duh!
Auckland University medical and health sciences faculty professor Felicity Goodyear-Smith was one of the authors of a 2005 paper on sexual abuse counselling funded by ACC.
Goodyear-Smith, who lived for years on Centrepoint land, working as the community's GP, is an outspoken critic of sexual abuse counselling, saying it can be as damaging as sexual abuse itself, and once telling a newspaper the "ACC scam's one of the biggest there is"
Well it won't take a genius to work out the motive behind ACC hiring Goodyear-Smith now would it? I mean, if you wanted to shut up shop on helping sexually abused victims wouldn't you go looking for someone who thinks that the service you do offer is nothing more than a scam? Good one ACC!

Talking of weasels, just where does Nick Smith sit on all this? 
Smith's spokesman distanced him from the research, saying it occurred three years before he became minister, and that he had no information on the matter.
Oh for Pete's sake. Isn't it his fucking job to know what the fuck he is doing? I mean, isn't that what he's paid for, got elected to do? Just what the fuck did he do when handed the ACC portfolio, shove it in his bottom draw? 

ACC adviser silent on links to sex abusers |

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  1. Yes this really comes as no suprise to most of us familar with ACC and the new pathway. We know it's not the actual "professionals" or the Massey Clinical Guidelines ACC were using in the design of it. Was is SICK is Auckland Medical School either agreeing with her ideologies also as they allowed her to research in this area without EVER seeing a conflict of interest in this. Not to mention the other research she as done in other areas with her resaerch assistant Suzanne Brighouse. FSG is also still is contact with Bert Potter and Dave Mendelssohn as the article points out. CREEPY SHIT!!


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