February 14, 2011

Divorce website launch criticised

"Happy Valentine's Day people." 

Yes, New Zealand has shown itself to be quite constructive and forward thinking even on this highly commercial day by setting up an on-line 'quickie divorce' site. It's not a new idea. It's not even a new name. divorce me (NZ)  seems very much in line with its American counterpart Divorce Me (USA)

According to the website, you can get divorced in three easy steps: 1) Obtain a copy of your marriage certificate. 2) Complete the website's on-line form. 3) Sign and post documents etc. Brilliant! 

But the ingenious Kiwi site has meet some criticism: "National director of Family First NZ Bob McCoskrie slammed the website and said launching it on Valentine's Day was a "cynical" move."

Well I couldn't think of a better day to launch a site like this really. And just who are these critics trying to fool? Our divorce rates are higher than they have ever been and they're further marred by the domestic violence statistics that accompany most of them. What is so sacred about marriage anyhow? Historically, it had its uses - property ownership mainly - but now? 

Instead of focusing on how to increase our marriage statistics, how about a process in which a prospective partner can really make an intelligent life-changing decision, armed with all the facts about his/her partner beforehand? I mean, if marriage were a business then the engagement period ought to used to gather as much information on that "partner" as possible. We do it when it comes to money but not when it comes to potential spouses or  putting our children into the hands of new makeshift parents. 

Case in point: A newly wed finds out six months after she marries that her new husband is in fact a convicted child sex offender. She did her homework. She researched his lilly white ass, which, as it turned out, was highly protected by NZ Law. His offences were protected by good old fashioned name suppression. The only people who knew of his offending were him, his victims, and the Police. It was only rumours that managed to trickle their way down to her. 

So I ask this... how can a person make a "good" decision about a prospective partner when all the facts about him are so well hidden? Gee, maybe if she'd known beforehand, she would not have been one of those horrifying divorce statistics and the whiter-than-white NZ First party could move onto more anally retentive shit.

Now, there's a thought.

Divorce website launch criticised - life-style | Stuff.co.nz

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  1. Some interesting feedback on Stuff's site:

    arthur #33 09:26 am Feb 14 2011
    The whole thing is a have anyway. They are charging $300 for a "pack" and then the court filing fee on top of that! You can pick up a pack or download the pack for free. The whole website it a money making scheme and everyone getting up in arms about it is playing into their hands.

    ian #32 09:26 am Feb 14 2011
    Maybe Mr McCoskrie would like it to be impossible to get divorced. Kind of like the ridiculous - till death do us part? Or would that also be too easy?

    On_to_number2 #31 09:23 am Feb 14 2011
    Good for you for offering a faster cheaper service! I am constantly baffled by religious groups who are anti-divorce. Often opposing divorce is just perpetuating family abuse, and sweeping it under the rug, while justifying it with scripture. Hope you do very well in your new business venture!


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