February 14, 2011

Judge AND be Judged

Remember this story, this murder, this tragedy? Remember how the whole nation was gripped in panic as we heard about Vanessa'a disappearance and the bizarre discovery of her young child in some deserted farmland? Remember how some of us (including yours truly) were hauled across TV ONE News for releasing the name of her murderer - albeit the Police did it first only to then retracted the info? 

Well it just keeps getting sicker by the minute...

In the months leading to his release, guards from a South Island prison guards sent Sensible Sentencing Trust founder Garth McVicar several emails warning of the risks Chaston would pose to the community. The emails [...] included one which stated: ''He [Chaston] is bragging to everyone that he is going to rape and murder 'some shiela' so he can mak [sic] a name for himself and come back to prison as top dog."

Regardless, Chaston was released on bail and went onto sexual abuse some other poor chick before murdering Vanessa. 

Now you'd think Prison guards, those who have spent years on a daily basis with this sick useless piece of shit, would actually know something about his "current" state of being and you'd think their opinions, their professional observations would have been taken into consideration - yeah? 

Well no actually. We don't think our prison guards are anything more than child minders really. Well, we certainly treat them like their only looking after naughty little children. 

So what about the Police? Surely their professional opinion would hold some sway.
''The police applied for preventative detention but some weak arse judge declined saying he deserved the opportunity to turn his life round [sic] !!!
What about good 'ole' Garth McVicar himself, surely he could persuade the Judge, who ignored the guards, who ignored the Police....who... wrong again. 

Okay, then what about the frigging Minister of Justice Minister Phil Goff?

Garth sent him the emails. He was ignored.

The Police Minister Annette King?

She got the same emails and gave the same response. 

Well, where the hell do you go from here? Seems everyone BUT the Judge didn't want this sicko back out in public but the Judge over-ruled everyone else and did it anyhow, and just what accountability does this Judge have to the NZ public and to the family of Vanessa?

Sweet F-all!



  1. http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/4654178/Guards-warned-about-offenders-next-victim

    When the assault charge was laid against Chaston, police opposed bail but a judge said "there was nothing in your recent history to suggest you would offend in that way".

    What a fuckwit Judge!

  2. The Judge needs a smack around the head "FFS" is it not time to put these Mungrels to bed forever?


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