February 6, 2011

End of an Error


Dear Members,
“it is with regret that we have to advise that SOSA was wound up at the special general meeting held on
11 January 2011 held at the Lakehouse, Takapuna.

We had to come to this decision because there have been no nominations for the position of President
or Secretary. None of the members present at the SGM were able to commit to any of the two positions and the
running of the trust and even more so the organization of events such as a summit require a significant
investment of time.

After paying all outstanding bills the remaining assets will, following clause 26.0 of the trust deed, be donated
to Rape Prevention Education, PO Box 78 307, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1245. The SOSA Website will be
online until April 2011 as a resource to survivors. The SOSA facebook page will also be withdrawn in the
coming weeks.
This email address will remain active for you if you have specific support needs. We will endeavour to
respond to emails received.
All the best 

Survivors of Sexual Abuse New Zealand
Charitable Trust
PO BOX 33-986

The group was unsafe. Case in point: This email was sent to every single person on their database (not just members). What's so wrong with that? Well your email address was listed for all to see. Now every single person has YOUR contact details... If they couldn't even get the basics right, then ending SOSA was a good thing. 


  1. Always interesing that they never sign a name to the emails. A faceless organisation with no accountability!

    I think everyone who received that email was horrified to see their names and email address on it. I never knew who all the other members were and thought our details were meant to be confidential. Though from past experience it seems Gudrun doesn't quite understand survivors as much as she makes out she does. Either that or she is an evil cow who did that on purpose!?!

  2. Me too! This has happened before. I have emailed SOSA to ask that they use the bcc field as a matter of good practice and policy - but the importance of my request obviously didn't sink in. It's disgusting.

    (And if anyone suggests that you are wrong to republish this email, don't listen. You don't need anyone's permission to publish this because there are no reasonable grounds for confidentiality.)

    You probably know who I am but I am publishing this anonymously because SOSA has my details ... :>

  3. I gotcha back babe! Don't you worry. xx

  4. OMG! I have been so out of the loop and offline for a few months that I didn't even realise - after such a successful conference last year it's so disappointing to hear that it is not something able to be maintained.

    With sharing all 'member's' through incorrectly laid out emails I don't imagine it would have been an intentional thing, but ignorance is not an excuse, and a violation of anonymity seems to chop the legs off the safety required for the ones who need help the most to access any benefits of SOSA.

    Don't want to attack anyone personally on here - I had alot of personal benefit from attending last year, but am really, really horrified at 'SOSA' sharing contact details, what sounds like more than once too!

    What a shame.


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