February 8, 2011

Sanctimonious Motherhood

Yesterday I posted a story/comment about little Cash being murdered by her mother's 21-year-old boyfriend. As usual, I copied the post onto my Facebook. There was the usual and highly anticipated outcry for the man's head to be placed on the block but what also came out of the discussion was this growing "finger pointing" at the mother. 

[Amanda]What the hell is wrong with these stupid woman who put their kids in danger all for the sake of having sex. More than likely bearing more endangered children. Fucken disgusting. Just my opinion

[Emilie] how can you "deny" this? they should be charging her mother too - as with all these cases. He should not be allowed a defence lawyer either, actively promoting his lies. It makes me sick. RIP Cash, there are good people in this country and we're going to keep fighting.

These were just two of the many comments that started flying onto the screen. At one point, it became very obvious the focus was on the mother and not on the man who actually killed little Cash. Maybe that's their point. It's not just about the men who kill these children, it's the men these women choose. As Michael Laws points out, "A father would never do this to his child ... was this scum the boyfriend? Yet again the most common characteristic of child killers ... young, male, angry, not related."

So what makes these women choose these "sorts" of men? 

Well if you were to pose that question to the discussion group, it would all point to just some lucid sex thing but I wonder if there's a little more to it than that. Cash's mother was no stranger to domestic violence. Even before meeting her child's murder, she was systematically used as a punch bag by her [then] current partner. Her step-father, at the time, took matters into his own hands (good old fashioned retribution) and went at him with a knife. The father (Pullen) was later jailed for three years. But here is the comment Cash's partner made in Court:

'Kids are something to fight for, women aren't. They're just everyday things, like undies.'

I simply cannot imagine how low a woman's self esteem needs to reach before a comment like that actually gets interpreted as: He gives a shit. Undies? Are you kidding me? You can but a 7-day pack at K-Mart for less than $10. Is that the "value" of women in his eyes? Maybe so but more worrying, are the women who buy into that and, as the other people in the discussion pointed out - put their kids into the arms of these men and Knight them with make-believe fatherhood.

True.... it was the man who physically killed Cash, who ended her life but then again, maybe it was her mother who provided the opportunity? 


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