February 7, 2011

Poor kid, never stood a chance...

The child victim (in story below "Man denies killing toddler") was no stranger to violence.  The dead child's mother was repeatedly beaten during pregnancy and God forbid, her father (Pullen) did what any sane father would do - went for the little weasel.  

In a recorded interview with police the night of the stabbing, Pullen said Mr Douglas used his stepdaughter "like a punching bag", even when she was pregnant.

"The lawyer asked Mr Douglas why Pullen stabbed him. Mr Douglas said 'if I put myself in his shoes', Pullen would want to do whatever it took to make his daughter happy.

'Kids are something to fight for, women aren't. They're just everyday things, like undies.'
Pullen pleaded guilty before his trial and was sentenced to more than three years' jail. Oh, I can hardly wait to see what sentence this child murder receives - $10 bucks it's less than the father protecting his daughter!

Cash McKinnon knew violence before her birth | Stuff.co.nz

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