February 7, 2011

Man denies murdering toddler

They call it the "death roll" in ice skating...
NZ Defence call it "unintentional".
I call it "murder."
Why on earth are we even wasting time and money on this case? He picked a three-year-old up by her ankles, swung her around until he "lost his grip" and she went smashing into a bed. 

Horrific enough but what gets me is this: Why not take the child to the hospital immediately? Why does his defence lawyer fob it off as a "freak" accident, that is was all so "unintentional," that he lost his grip - poor man. Hogwash! He knew exactly what he was doing and moreover, was sane enough to realise he'd get in shit loads of trouble if anyone found out - best he just bandage her head and hope for the best, yeah? 

She was one of four children in his care when she was taken to Palmerston North Hospital with over 80 external injuries and severe internal head injuries. She died the next day. 

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