February 7, 2011

Felicity Goodyear Smith - A Two-sided Beast

"Her peers at the medical school praise her...[...] the defence lawyers [see her] as the go-to person for sexual abuse trials...[...] but the sexual abuse doctors [...] whom she regularly faces off against in court belong to an organisation she was barred from."

This article goes into depth about FGS' dodgy dealings with the likes of sex offenders. It's even more interesting to hear some of her own colleagues and defence lawyers "hint" at just why this woman has become the number one defence expert in child abuse trials.

Crown prosecutor Phil Hamlin says ""The only one [sexual abuse expert]that appears regularly is her. That doesn't mean the others aren't invited, but I suspect the evidence they're giving doesn't suit the defence."

Shand, of Wellington, a doctor Goodyear-Smith trained in the 1980s, concurs: ""The problem is the defence don't like our opinions so they only use them when they like them. So if you're prepared to sell yourself to give an opinion they like, they'll use it."

A very insightful article by the following author in the following article below:
Chisholm, D. (2011). Witness for the Defence. North & South, (299), 60-68.


  1. The more I read about Felicity, the more concerned I become. I first became aware of her in 1998 when she wrote the dreadful editorial to boost the Defense team's lies. "Young woman crying wolf" 1998 cosa.
    available at : http://newzealandfilmtv.co.nz/2008/04/nz-crime-drama-about-david-dougherty-for-tvnz-sunday-theatre/

  2. Justice for sale, justice for sale - who'll buy, who'll sell?

  3. It is a worry when links are removed cause they are embarrassing for those who wrote them based on lies from NZ police!
    Justice ? a bit hit and miss LOL.

  4. I was in her class at uni and was sickened when I found out about who she actually is. I think she should not be at Auckland Uni and they should not be seen to be associated with paedophile sympathisers like her. I see some of the sick content of the course in a totally different light.


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