September 1, 2010

Money Money Money

This morning we wake to the news that the New Zealand Government has bailed out South Canterbury Finance (SCF) with the sum of $1.6 billion dollars.  
Bill English "urged the citizens of South Canterbury to show some gratitude for their savings being saved by taxpayers..."
Well, if it's gratitude you want, you only had to say...meanwhile, back in the jungle, here are some interesting ACC finances to ponder:

  • ACC paid (only) $600,000 to the Massey University researchers to provide their Clinical Pathways Review. 
  • Note: Whilst the name remained, ACC only took on board one recommendation and dumped the rest.
  • ACC was granted an additional $600,000 to research into whether Maori were fairly  represented. Currently they aren't and no recommendations have been implemented. 
  • ACC spent close to the same amount trying to prosecute for fraud.
  • ACC spent $3.5 million (in one year) on staff travel.
  • They have 22 staff dedicated to detecting Fraud (2004) - more than the entire Sensitive Claims Unit.
Oh it's a funny ole world we live in... hard to teach the younger generation about the value of human kindness, how we, as humans, ought to go about our lives respecting each other, treating each other with dignity and respect when... actually, the reality is, this is a capitalist society and if you are ever unfortunate enough to fall into a hole - albeit a victim of a violent crime - then don't expect to be bailed out. You're on your own buddy!

However, if you put some money aside in some Bank or Finance company and you find yourself being shafted, well it's okay - the Government will help. 

It's all about priority really. 

"There is enough for everyone's need...just not enough for everyone's greed".


  1. Is that $600,000 ACC was given for Maori needs on top of the $650,000 Peter Jansen and his brother David received from the Health Research Council for them to research Māori Consumer Use and Experience of Health and Disability and ACC services?? It's just he completed his research in Jan 2009 before the new ACC Sensitive Claims Pathway was introduced in Oct 2009 but DIDN'T INCLUDE MAORI in the new pathway. How much money does it take for them to get it right? You would think if $650,000 didn't do it then why waste anothr $600,000 when you could just ask the Maori providers.

  2. Both figures are for two separate research projects. Let's just call it a cool mill yeah?

  3. And, how much of this would have been far more worthwhile to have provided to sensitive claimants to receive counselling and rehabilitation.

    Greedy Jackass Jansen all right.

    Question?? Would these grants be in ADDITION to his ACC salary?? If this is the case, not only is this double dipping, but Jackass Jansen is clearly using the 'sexual abuse industry' for his own precuinary advantage. CORRECT or not?? HE IS A TOTAL SCUMBAG, WELL AND TRULY FEEDING OFF THE GRAVY TRAIN.

  4. Dear Anon

    It is with a sense of profound nausea that I hereby respond to the fact that ALL monies pillaged for bullshit research (bullshit as in in recommendations never get implemented) is indeed surplus to the salary of one Monsieur Jackass.

    Other monies are thrown about with gay abandonment within the Jansen family - his brother also profited handsomely from this "so called" Maori research, as did his personal organisation... gee, I wonder what the Jansen/Manson brothers will dream up next? How many pricks on a hedgehog?

  5. Jackass Jansen (aka Jackass Jansen/Manson) wouldn't know the meaning of Whanau, Hapu and Iwi. Tokenism is what it is called - in the name of Jackass being on the gravy train business to line his pockets- instead of this going where it is meant to be. Why? Because I am intimately involved in more ways than one with prominent Maori in NZ who say absolutely otherwise and are most concerned about jackass jansen's research and affiliation with Dr FGS; not to mention the incestuousness involved with his brother - also on the money gravy train.

    Yes, cronism, the old boys network is alive and well in NZ. And guess what else? The Chair of the Medical Council is one DR JOHN ADAMS - Psychiatrist AND previous Medical Director of The Ashburn Psychiatric Clinic in Dunedin (NZ's only private psychiatric clinic). I wonder what Dr John Adams has got to say about the flawed research, especially given that Ashburn Clinic has had to lay off staff because of the new Clinical Pathways Guidelines.

    Me thinks it is about time Dr John Adams also fronted up and was asked some very pointed questions. Then we will see where his loyalties lie?????? Or will it be more of the same - "The Old Boys Network and the male hormones running round to protect each other"??


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