September 23, 2010

Dress for success

If you're an ACC claimant you'd better prepare yourself for a really long emotional battle and a sudden influx of tourettes. 

Yeah I know, the infamous Review Panel made 14 recommendations to the Clinical Pathway but at the end of the day until they actually implement any of them, the report is as useless as tits on a bull really. Especially when ACC, bowing and admitting to screwing up over the Pathway, then spin on their heels and axe over a thousand claims just because... well, just because. 

Laurie Edwards, ACC scapegoat/spokesman, claims the cuts are "a measure of how well we're doing in getting people back to their pre-injury lives." For Pete's sake, are we really expected to believe that? It's been proven 'beyond doubt' and even by those within ACC that the main objective to any changes are because of cost cutting so what's with the "whiter than white" press releases? Surely that halo must be a tad stifling by now.

There is no medical prescription that will numb the effects of an ACC claim and/or the procedure that follows but there is no mistaking just how ACC view those who dare apply. 

Thank goodness for the likes of SOSA (Survivors of Sexual Abuse) who have not only advocated for change but continue to maintain pressure on ACC. They do this with the help and support of some of New Zealand's most formidable activists and professional therapists on their Board. Their aim is to literally take the poisoned arrows from ACC's armoury and eliminate the need for any sexual abuse survivor to be treated like a shooting target for monetary or political sport.  

ACC's plan to axe 1150 clients

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