September 2, 2010

Rosemary McLeod - speak up!

Herbs and spice, say all things nice - that's what little girls do....

When someone starts an article with the word “opinion” it generally means they’re going to give you theirs – least of all someone like Rosemary McLeod and especially on the likes of someone as flagrant  as Felicity Goodyear-Smith.

I must admit, I had to control the sudden urge to break something whenever Rosemary blew sunshine out Goodyear-Smith’s backside but only cause I thought she was leading me to the almighty punch-line, the major tada moment when she would expose this so-called self acclaimed researcher as a hideous slap in the face to sexual abuse survivors and guess what, it just never happened.
Well alright, at one glorious moment, she did liken FGS to a ferret giving “advice on the care of chickens”  but suggests only people who dislike her would think such a thing. McLeod, on the other hand, said: “I rather like mavericks, and for that reason I admire Goodyear-Smith's perversity in taking…”
Whoa, you gone lost me there sister!  Look, it’s one thing to like mavericks – after all, if they didn’t exist who the hell would she write about? – but FGS? Isn’t Maverick the guy who could escape from a towering inferno equipped with a shoe lace and hamster? Now that  I can admire! But a woman, married to a convicted child sex offender, who constantly supports men accused of child rape in Court, who advocates that some sort of sex with kids isn’t too bad, and who just so happens to have ‘advised’ ACC on how best to counsel victims of sex abuse all while she advocates that counseling doesn’t really go anything is… gee, let me think – major tourettes moment…!
There are mavericks and then there are sex offending enablers.
McLeod would have you think that people like me – who aren’t afraid to say they dislike the ‘Goodyear ferret’ – merely “see her as stigmatised by close association with the family of former Centrepoint guru - and convicted child sex and drugs offender - Bert Potter. “ Well thank you for that McLeod but you’re so way off the mark you may as well keep orbiting the sun honey.  The ferret’s past is just that and yes, it was her husband that was convicted. Okay, she may have got a slap on the hand for perjury but what’s that in the big scheme of things, yeah? No, you see, what I don’t like about the maggot is NOT what has happened but what is continually happening – even now!
Does FGS  still think a ‘little’ sex with kids is okay? Yes . Does she defend men accused of child rape? She’s usually their first post of call. Does she run a Men’s Support Website which, at best can defend some innocent men but at worse, is nothing more than raving misogynist garble? Yes. Does she throw up random, unsupported, theories about false memory and how a hymen can be broken by random acts of …oh I dunno… god, baths, eating a pickled onion? Moreover, has she recently been paid thousands of dollars by the New Zealand government to advise a corporation on how best to ‘help’ sexually abused victims? Yes.
You see, it’s not FGS’s past that we have become…oh, what’s the word McLeod used?...”obsessed” with, it’s her meddling in the lives and futures of ACC clients NOW.
So yeah, thanks for your “opinion” McLeod. As I stated on your blog: “Opinion piece? Are you kidding me? You couldn't have sat on the fence more if it were protruding out your rear end”

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